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Unleash Real-Time Insights with CartoVista Live Map Data: Empower Decision Making and Collaboration

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the ability to make informed decisions in real-time is paramount. Introduced just a few months ago, CartoVista’s revolutionary live data feature empowers you to leverage live map data, fostering agile decision-making and effortless collaboration. Let’s explore how this innovation can transform the way your business operate, backed by some compelling […]

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CartoVista and ArcGIS Online: A Comprehensive GIS Software Review

CartoVista and Esri’s ArcGIS Online: both of these cutting-edge platforms offer outstanding features and functionalities that empower users to create interactive and captivating maps. In this blog, we’ll do a deep dive into both platforms, analyzing their strengths, and reviewing their current limitations. We’ll explore their mapping and visualization capabilities, learning curve and ease of […]

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Interactive mapping and visualization of the current forest fire situation in Quebec with CartoVista

Table of Contents Quebec is facing a worrying situation, with a significant increase in forest fires in recent times. Hot, dry weather conditions have created an environment conducive to the rapid spread of fires. Authorities and fire-fighting teams are working tirelessly to bring the situation under control and protect our precious forest resources. CartoVista has […]

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2023 National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada Map

Welcome to CartoVista’s StoryMap on National Indigenous Day in Canada 2023! The month of June serves to bring attention towards the history and acknowledgement of the indigenous community in Canada. This Story Map will visually highlight indigenous demographics and take a deep dive into the relationships between indigenous peoples and Canada with the help of recent census data and […]


2023 World Religions in Canada Story Map

Welcome to CartoVista’s StoryMap on world religions! The month of April serves with big religious importance to many religions around the world. Whether it was Easter for Christians or Ramadan for the Muslims, many countries across the world observed some form of religious occasion throughout April.  This Story Map will visually highlight global religion demographics and […]

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Earth Day – Forest Change Map

2023’s Earth Day has brought our attention to the situation of forests facing deforestation across the globe! The following map shows the percentage of forest coverage by countries across the globe, places where forest is endangered by human activities, as well as detailed data on where the tree coverage has been reduced in the last […]

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2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquakes Story Map

On February 6, 2023, Southern Turkey and Northern Syria were struck by earthquakes nearing magnitudes of 8.0 resulting in mass-scale destruction of cities near the epicenter of the quakes. This ultimately left millions of people displaced and well over 55,000 deaths. Consequently, the world turned their attention to Turkey and Syria to provide aid to […]