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At CartoVista, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our partners play a pivotal role in our mission to provide the best web mapping solutions to clients across multiple industries. Together, we harness the potential of geospatial data to deliver unparalleled insights and visualizations.

Our Esteemed Partners

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ICI Innovations

ICI Innovations focuses on making project information and data easily accessible and manageable. The company offers solutions that visualize and contextualize project information, ensuring comprehensive understanding and assessment. Their flagship solution, ReportViz, is powered by CartoVista.

ReportViz is a unique approach to reading and exploring reports where geography is fundamental. It integrates documentation, graphics, map layers, and preset filters with dynamic filtering across time and geography, offering an interactive data visualization experience like no other.

I don’t know of anyone in our part of the industry using anything like this, where all the data can be shown on one map. The ‘wow’ factor is big in presentations.

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Catalyst is a pioneer in the realm of ground displacement monitoring, providing invaluable insights into climate change-related geohazards, such as shrink-swell, coastal erosion, and flooding. Their platform uses CartoVista’s powerful web mapping technology to help business users visualize and understand the risks that ground displacement poses to their assets.

Thanks to CartoVista’s web mapping technology, Catalyst’s clients can make better risk and investment decisions regarding critical infrastructure, buildings, safety ratings, loan portfolios, and more.

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Interested in Partnering with CartoVista?

Seeking a robust web mapping platform to power your geospatial intelligence? Then CartoVista is the perfect partner for your business.

We are always on the lookout for innovative companies who can complement our offerings. If you are in an industry that uses data visualization, geospatial analysis, or any related service, we're eager to collaborate. Reach out to us to explore partnership opportunities.

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Let's Work Together !

We look forward to exploring the possibilities of a mutually beneficial partnership.


The CartoVista platform unlocks the power of web mapping in the cloud:
• Design intuitive data visualizations and sophisticated presentations that puts YOUR data on a map.
• Create meaningful stories that will impress your stakeholders and make better business decisions.

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