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One of the challenge that cities and local government face is that their data is not accessible to end users in a useable fashion. Unfortunately, many communities provide static material that cannot be leveraged to create presentations that truly tell a story. CartoVista empowers your community to overcome these communication challenges by creating meaningful stories and impactful interactive map presentations.

CartoVista empowers your city to

Show people your idea for your big project. It might be something that is five years away from completion but give them a taste. It is something they will be able to see and associate with. Then find your data champions and bring them together, just one step at a time.

Andrea Mckinney General Manager, Corporate Services | Town of Orangeville

What can you do in CartoVista map interface

CartoVista in action for Cities

City counselors

Communication staff

Economic development staff

Planning & Economic Development

Create interactive urban planning council presentations



Internal city departments

Online Services

Publish and share land information  online (search for parcels, zoning, etc.)




Territory Management

Publish statistics, business directories and create urban observatories online 


Open data

Publish municipal data (city information, services, etc.) in an open data portal

Internal city departments


Smart Cities

Integrate and disseminate connected data online (IoT, etc)

Communication staff

Internal city departments


Manage hazard and environmental data online (e.g. Flood event)

Internal city departments

Data Management

Manage and share city department data online

Internal police department analysts

Police Service

Perform crime data analysis

Communication staff

City tourism staff

Events & Tourism

Create tourism maps, embed publications of events and stories

City transportation department

Mobility Planning

Share data and optimize public transport infrastructure, reduce traffic & improve road safety

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The CartoVista platform unlocks the power of web mapping in the cloud. Design intuitive data visualizations and sophisticated presentations that puts YOUR data on a map. Create meaningful stories that will impress your users.

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