You have existing data that you would like to connect to CartoVista? Not sure how to keep it secure and make it work in the cloud? Leverage our API’s and start sharing rich interactive maps and stories online.


Rest API​

The CartoVista platform includes a secure REST API that you can use to perform tasks such as automatically transferring your data. Using our standard API calls, you can create new layers and attached data in your language of choice (ex: Python script) or inside your favorite ETL tool (ex: FME).

From managing data, permissions and users for example, the CartoVista REST API includes more than 250 functions to help you with your system integration.

NOTE: The CartoVista API requires a Professional Subscription. See Pricing.  

Cloud data


Protecting your data is our biggest responsibility, and ensuring your peace of mind is at the heart of everything we do. We combine experience, agility and stability to protect your information.

CartoVista features best in class data center security with the ability to password protect your maps and control access by creating users and groups.


CartoVista software

The CartoVista platform was developed with best practices in software engineering by a team that shares a passion for innovation.


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The CartoVista platform unlocks the power of web mapping in the cloud. Design intuitive data visualizations and sophisticated presentations that puts YOUR data on a map. Create meaningful stories that will impress your users.

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