CartoVista is a feature-rich platform to easily create and share rich interactive maps and stories in the cloud.

Tell better stories and make sound business decisions.

Create an amazing interactive experience for your users


Intuitive in-app tours that show you how CartoVista works, one step at a time.

Modern UX

A better UX and enhanced user interface interactions (rollover, datatips, etc.) helps users comprehend your data.

Drag & drop data viz

Drag and drop your ESRI Shapes, MapInfo tables, Excel and CSV files to create a map and visualize your data.

Full mobile support

Fully responsive interface designed to adapt to the display capabilities of all mobile devices.

Presentation slides

Create slide presentations that include rich data views and answers to questions.

Information popups

Empower your users with clickable map features to get all the associated attribute information in one go. Allow them to configure and choose which columns are displayed.


Organize your dashboard panels easily (panel layout, full screen map, etc.).

Story panels

Create presentation slides that tell a story, edit your content inline with simplicity.

Data tables

Expose your data with interactive tables that have filtering, sorting, statistics, etc., display the underlying map data clearly for your end users.


Add relevant images or video content to your map features. Create powerful associations with hyperlinks.

Interactive charts

Show your data graphically and allow users to discover the information behind the data.

Layer control

Manage layers (visibility, labels, order, etc.) and their properties easily.


Prepare better looking distinctive web maps, make you data beautiful with photoshop-like effects (drop shadow, outer glow, blend mode, etc.)


Choose an appropriate base map from a collection of over 70 tile providers.

WYSIWYG design

Change layer styles and labels and see the result immediately on your map (WYSIWYG).


Setup rich interactions and see the result immediately on your map (datatips, rollover, etc).

Light / dark mode

Choose between a modern light or dark mode interface style


Reach your user in their preferred language: (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German)

Map UI & interface

Benefit from more than 50 options to help you define the user interface and tools needed

Print layouts

Create great PDF print outputs, integrate your company logo and create an appropriate print layout that can easily be exported to Adobe PDF format.

Live data stream

Connect map features to live data that is updated in real-time.

Update notifications

Get user friendly notifications of data updates as they occur.

Live data update

Data editing and collaboration

Work as a team on shared datasets and see live changes.

Real-time insights

Connect with operational information from IoT devices, assets, or vehicles in the field to get strategic insights.

Upload, analyze and manage your data in the cloud


Search through the layers on the map using keywords, search by address, postal code or any geographic name (NOTE: Service provided by HERE maps)

Download data

Allow users to download the map data in a usable format (Excel) or copy it to the clipboard

Selection tools

Empower data analysis by selecting features from the map (direct selection, circular, rectangular, polygonal), legend, chart or data table. Choose which columns are displayed in the table view.

Raster grid & Time series analysis

Analyze raster grid data with profile tools. Integrate time-based data and many-to-one datasets, analyze data over time.

Geocode by latitude - longitude

Geocode your spreadsheet data from latitude & longtitude fields.

Geocode by address

Geocode your spreadsheet data from address fields.

Linking data

Link your spreadsheet data to existing layers.

Edit data online

Edit layer features (attribute and geospatial) directly in the map.


Create and manage users and groups, setup roles and permissions.


Assign view and edit permissions to maps and data easily.

Public maps

Allow to create maps that can be accessed publicly without having to log-in to the platform (anonymous users).

Data download

Allow users to download data layers in ESRI Shapefiles (.SHP) format.

Data automation with REST API

Setup automatic tasks (data updates, etc) with the CartoVista REST API.

Portal branding

Customize the interface color scheme and integrate your company branding and logo.

Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO)

Setup single-sign-on (SSO) for your enterprise users using OpenID Connect.

More tools and support for better decision making

Drawing and annotation tools

Add features with the drawing toolbar (text, line, polygons, etc.) easily on the map. Save and share annotations between users.

Drive-time isochrones

Choose the transportation mode, departure time to add drivetime polygons to your map from a specific location (note: Service provided by HERE Maps).

Spatial intersection

Select map features based on spatial relationship (e.g. points within polygon layers)

Routing tools

Route from origin to destination, find the nearest points from layer.

Composite variable scoring

Create scoring analysis based on multiple variables with weighting capabilities (Coming soon in 2024).

Territory manager

Create balanced territories using your own business information combined with key market data (demographics, industry, competition, etc.). Prepare compelling market reports for the franchises in your network (Coming in 2025).

In-app tours & feedback

Onboard with intuitive in-app tours and interact with us to send product feedback

Live chat

Chat with us directly in CartoVista to answer your questions.

Knowledge base

Access the CartoVista knowledge base with how to's and documentation.

Email support

Access technical support via email / submit questions and comments.

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