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The new digital economy is putting a lot of pressure on banks to up their game and incorporate more location-based considerations into the consumer's banking experience. Whether it's optimizing ATM and branch locations, making data-driven mortgage decisions, or targeting marketing campaigns for new products, banks must consider the geospatial context.

CartoVista empowers you to

People using ATMs

81% agree that data should be at the heart of all decision-making but only 31% of financial services companies have significantly restructured their operations to help do this

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What you can do in CartoVista map interface

CartoVista in action for financial services

Branch managers

Business analysts

Site selection

Compare different ATM locations with drive time and demographic data

Branch managers

Business analysts

Marketing managers

Market Analysis

Perform analysis of client portfolios, competitors and points of interests (POI)

Business analysts

Marketing managers


Carry out client profile analysis and scoring to perform geomarketing campaigns

Data scientists

Mortgage analysts

Risk Analysis

Perform geographic analysis of mortgage delinquencies risk

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