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For 3 decades, CartoVista has acquired a deep foundation in geographic information systems (GIS) and web mapping. Coupled with innovation, this knowledge led to the design of a world class web mapping platform. Today, CartoVista is used by customers all over the world to create and share rich interactive maps and stories in the cloud.

What is CartoVista

At a time when data is all over the landscape of organizations, corporations and governments, everyone wishes to leverage strategic information. At CartoVista, we understand that data almost always has a geographic component.

The CartoVista platform makes it possible to create intuitive data visualizations and sophisticated web presentations by putting that data on a map.

Business users can drag and drop their data, get instant insights and answer business questions easily. They can also identify business opportunities, manage risks and perform market analysis.
In fact, anyone can tell compelling stories with interactive maps, you do not need to be a GIS expert! You can communicate visually and create outstanding map presentations in minutes.

Our team of experts

Our mission

Transforming business decision making with maps and connected data.
To be the world's most effective interactive mapping solution for business decision making and collaboration

Our vision

since 1993

Our story

In 1993, Dany Bouchard founded DBx GEOMATICS inc., which at first was a consulting business in geographic information systems (GIS). In the beginning, the company was working mostly with federal government clients that had a need for custom GIS solutions. Through the end of the 90’s, the company was one of the first to develop web maps with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Surrounded by talented software engineers, the company then decided it was time to improve the technology available to create web maps and visualize data. 

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In 2010

Elegant web maps

The CartoVista software was born after several years of research and development in web mapping innovation. “We saw a need to create fast and elegant web maps that are well suited for business decision making” said Dany Bouchard. The first version of the CartoVista software was launched in 2010 with desktop components. Throughout the years, the CartoVista software evolved, allowing governments and more and more businesses to visualize their strategic data in innovative ways. In 2016, the company rebranded to CartoVista and started to work with customers worldwide in 7 languages, across all continents.  

In 2021-22

Leveraging the power of the cloud

A significant SaaS technology venture was conducted, leveraging the power of the cloud and entirely redesigning the end user experience. “We are excited that we now have a full web platform to easily create rich interactive map visualizations and compelling stories in the cloud. Our solution is now very user-friendly, accessible by anyone instead of having to rely only on GIS experts. It opens the door to all sorts of high value business use cases across several industries. CartoVista is fully ready for growth.”, announced Dany Bouchard.  CartoVista is headquartered in Gatineau, Quebec.

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The CartoVista platform unlocks the power of web mapping in the cloud:
• Design intuitive data visualizations and sophisticated presentations that puts YOUR data on a map.
• Create meaningful stories that will impress your stakeholders and make better business decisions.

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