About us

What is CartoVista?

At a time when data is ubiquitous in the landscape of organizations, corporations and governments, everyone wishes to profit from that information.  

We understand that data almost always has a geographic component.

See what was inaccessible.

CartoVista makes it possible to create detailed analyses and optimized communications by putting that data on a map. CartoVista solves business problems and enables communication in a wide range of industries.

Our Story

In 1993, Dany Bouchard founded DBx GEOMATICS inc., which, in the spring of 2016 became the company CartoVista Inc. Many years of work and research have allowed the company to develop the revolutionary data visualization solution CartoVista: an interactive web mapping software with simple to use, yet advanced data analytics. Each year, the company has acquired major new clients from a wide range of industries and continues its evolution into new markets and further international success. 

Our mission: Giving you the power to see what you’ve been missing.

Enable businesses, organizations and governments to better communicate and comprehend their data, through simple and effective visualization. Provide real results, with a unique visual experience and the power to make informed decisions.

Our vision

To be the most innovative and powerful data visualization business solution in the world specializing in interactive web mapping.

Our Values

Innovative Creativity

Building on a corporate culture where innovation and creativity converge; evolving and constantly adapting to changing market needs.


Working with a team of innovative and efficient experts to position the company internationally as an essential business solution.

Customer Collaboration

Ensuring that our customers are at the heart of our decisions and actions by providing them with a positive experience and optimal service at all times.

Integrity Focus

On the well being of our customers and respect for our employees with the common goal of growing together.


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