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The real estate market is more dynamic than ever, and the demand for reliable data is at an all-time high. The rise of PropTech, the use of technology in how people research, rent, buy, sell or manage real estate, is becoming increasingly important in the real estate industry. It provides innovative, data-driven capabilities that transform traditional real estate. Data can be applied to every aspect of residential and commercial real estate, from calculating valuations and forecasting trends to attracting customers and reducing costs.

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Through sending text communication, it can be difficult to portray information and create a clear image of the property and the area. Now, with the implementation of cloud GIS, estate agents can save time by sending visuals.

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What you can do in CartoVista map interface

Real estate managers

Real estate agents

Data analysts

Investment opportunities evaluation

Compare different investment opportunities with market data  

Real estate managers

Business analysts

Marketing managers

Market Analysis

Perform analysis of asset portfolios with market information points of interests (POI), demographics and trade areas

Real estate agents


Client presentations

Create presentations of opportunities for clients in the form of a map with value-added content (interactive portfolio/market content).

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The CartoVista platform unlocks the power of web mapping in the cloud:
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