Happy New Year Story Map

Our customers mean the world to us. We can never adequately express just how much. Our team would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season, and thank you for being an essential part of CartoVista’s journey.

We are excited about 2023 which will bring with it the release of our new cloud platform which will enable the creation of better experiences and stories online. We wanted to give you a review with this festive Happy New Year Story Map to celebrate the start of a new prosperous year.

Warmest 2023 wishes from our entire team.

Celebrate the New Year around the world with us!

In this festive map you’ll learn how to say “Happy New Year” all over the world with this multilingual map.

If you are in the mood for partying, switch to the next Slide where we’re taking you on a celebration journey around the world! From Rio to Tokyo, here are major location for fireworks and parties for New Year’s Eve. 

Place your cursor on a point to get a feel of how New Year’s Eve is celebrated around the world:

Look at holiday diversity in the world

YES! There are different kinds of Christmases!

Want to share some interesting facts about how other nations celebrate Christmas? You can explore the diversity of Christmases around the world with us. 

While most of the countries celebrate Christmas in December 25th, Armenian, Coptic and Orthodox Christmas are celebrated in January. And of course not everybody celebrates Christmas. Look at the color of each country to learn when Christmas is happening in this country.

As for New Year’s Eve, check out the symbol on each country to see if they have a holiday on January 1st, a double holiday, or no holiday at all.

Happy New Year Map | Holiday Diversity

Here’s to a New Year!

Are you curious about what everyone will be drinking during their New Year’s Eve dinners? We’ve got data on the different libation preferences of several countries.

In the first Slide, we’re showing the amount of pure alcohol per capita. And the winner is Belarus, with a total of 14 liters of pure alcohol per capita!

In the other slides, you will discover what’s in these drinks! Wine, Spirits, or Beer? Each slide focuses on what type of alcohol and the number of servings per capita.

Happy New Year Map [ Alcohol Consumption
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