2023 NBA All-Star Story Map

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has hosted its 71st NBA All-Star Game on February 19 of 2023, the annual All-Star game held every February. The league’s best players were selected to partake in a 48-minute fast paced 5 versus 5 traditional basketball game.

Fans, and associates of the league vote for their favorite players based on their statistical performances throughout the season for a duel between each other. 

The following Story Map reviews the history of the All-Star games, the selection process for this year’s game as well as the results of the game. 

All-Star Game History

The first slide of the story map will summarize the results of all the previous all-star games throughout the history of the NBA with each point representing the arena that hosted the game.
In the past, All-Star games have been held between the best players from the Eastern Conference facing the best players from the Western Conference of the league. The East has won the event 37 times historically, which is 8 more wins than the West’s 29 victories
On the map, green arenas imply that the Eastern conference team won the event while yellow arenas imply that the Western conference team won. By hovering over each point, you will see the location of the arena, the year the game took place, the score, winning team, and a picture of the MVP award recipient
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Place your cursor on an arena to get information on the outcome of a game

Total Fan Votes by NBA Team 

Popularity and success of an NBA team is correlated to the votes their top performing players receive. Often, a team may not be performing well during the regular season, but their popularity leads to their top performing players receiving votes. The following map displays the number of votes each team received as well as the players that received them for the 2023 All-Star game.

The Los Angeles Lakers received the most votes with almost 12 million votes from 4 players despite having a losing record of 24-28.

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All-Star MVP Wins by NBA Teams

LA Lakers have won the most all-star MVPs as a franchise in the NBA with 10 All-Star MVPs. Kobe Bryant is the most winningest player of the award with 4 wins as a Laker.

Often, the teams whose players win the most All-Star MVPs are from teams that receive the most amount of votes. The following map depicts the All-Star MVP wins by team. 

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All-Star Starters Statistics

Regular season statistical performances have a large influence on the players getting selected for the all-star game aside from their popularityPoints per game, Assists per game, and Rebounds per game are the primary statistics that fans use to gauge if they should cast a vote for a particular player. 

Lebron James is averaging about 30 points per game at the age of 38 and led the vote count for this year’s game with about 7.5 million votes. This map highlights each player by the total votes they received as an icon from the location of their team. By hovering over each shape, you can see an image of the starter, their votes, salary, age as well as their regular season statistics and all-star appearances. 

All-Star Game Results

Team LeBron has finally lost the all-star game! Team Giannis snapped LeBron’s 5 game all-star winning streak with some record breaking performances from Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics. The final score was 184 for Team Giannis and 175 for Team LeBron. Giannis’s team dominated the three point battle by shooting 29 three point shots in comparison to Team Lebron’s 17 threes

All-Star MVP Winner: Jayson Tatum put up a historical 55 point double double with 10 3 point shots at the all-star game and broke the record for the most points scored in an all-star game. 

Hover over each icon to find out about each all-star’s performance at the game!

Check out our data sources to know more about NBA all-star data: Wikipedia, The Sporting News, and ProBallers.

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