Version 6.5.3


  1. CVP-5255 – Support server folders content organization
  2. CVP-5301 – Option for spatial selection on server layers
  3. CVP-5307 – Add rollover fill to the possible choices
  4. CVP-5315 – Publisher Routing option
  5. CVP-5321 – Console app to register licence key in console mode
  6. CVP-5332 – Add support for hyperlink target type “drill down”
  7. CVP-5369 – Turkish localization
  8. CVV-2438 – Spatial selection on server layer
  9. CVV-3062 – Clicking on a theme range does not select the elements
  10. CVV-3455 – Viewer Routing option
  11. CVV-3616 – Scrollable data view
  12. CVV-3627 – Charts – Rollover (chart->map and chart->data view)
  13. CVV-3655 – Print in PNG
  14. CVV-3658 – Pie chart based on theme ranges
  15. CVV-3661 – New stats on string column: Mode
  16. CVV-3702 – Support drawing polygon gradient fill
  17. CVV-3706 – Support HyperlinkTargetType.DRILL_DOWN for Hyperlink tool
  18. CVV-3738 – Add a parameter on the overview map html element to be able to set it collapsed by default
  19. CVV-863 – Charts – Selection (Chart->Map)
  20. WEBPORTAL-1570 – Server Rest API
  21. WEBPORTAL-2242 – Download files should be protected by permission
  22. WEBPORTAL-2387 – Friendly unique identifier for all objects: maps, server layer, and data table
  23. WEBPORTAL-2476 – Data observatory dimension and members user interface management
  24. WEBPORTAL-2477 – Data observatory representations management user interface
  25. WEBPORTAL-2478 – Data observatory interface options user interface management
  26. WEBPORTAL-2481 – Add a confirmation message that an email has been sent should be displayed when a user is created
  27. WEBPORTAL-2483 – Data observatory – Top breadcrumb
  28. WEBPORTAL-2486 – Add new licence key module for Server API
  29. WEBPORTAL-2493 – Creating a new territory should set user in this territory automatically
  30. WEBPORTAL-2497 – Allow user to change displayed columns in all list of the portal
  31. WEBPORTAL-2522 – Standardize cross-ref between portal element thru new tab ‘Links’
  32. WEBPORTAL-2525 – New tenant property: default simplification level
  33. WEBPORTAL-2526 – N/A value in server layer properties
  34. WEBPORTAL-2527 – Server should display a message when license is about to expire
  35. WEBPORTAL-2536 – Folder: drag and drop must work to manage content item and folders
  36. WEBPORTAL-2556 – New column in data view to indicate the number of links a server layer or data table has
  37. WEBPORTAL-2557 – New properties on server layers
  38. WEBPORTAL-2559 – New property ‘Description’ on maps
  39. WEBPORTAL-2561 – Data observatory – Dimension type ‘other’
  40. WEBPORTAL-2578 – Data observatory – Image library
  41. WEBPORTAL-2592 – Server Rest API User Interface
  42. WEBPORTAL-2602 – New tenant property: default public permission
  43. WEBPORTAL-2627 – Contextual menu item ‘move to’ should be available for all items
  44. WEBPORTAL-2634 – Search and breadcrumb redesign
  45. WEBPORTAL-2662 – Copyright
  46. WEBPORTAL-2701 – Data observatory – Interface option – Via autre
  47. WEBPORTAL-2702 – Data observatory – Interface option – Via accueil
  48. WEBPORTAL-2703 – Data observatory – Interface option – Print layout config
  49. WEBPORTAL-2704 – Shortcuts in data observatory
  50. WEBPORTAL-2730 – Thumbnail by representation
  51. WEBPORTAL-2782 – New field ‘identifier’ on folders
  52. WEBPORTAL-2784 – Data observatory style library
  53. WEBPORTAL-2785 – Representation: contextual menu and delete action
  54. WEBPORTAL-2791 – Shortcuts on folders and sub-folders in Representation
  55. WEBPORTAL-2827 – New field identifier on variables and representations
  56. WEBPORTAL-2845 – Add Mode as new Statistics
  57. WEBPORTAL-2909 – Missing feedback to user when moving folder fails (identifier already exists)
  58. WEBPORTAL-2941 – Manual reordering of representation, theme and sub-theme in the representation tree
  59. WEBPORTAL-3196 – Checkbox ‘Add all users’ in import group dialog
  60. WEBPORTAL-469 – User shall be able to organize data/server layers in folders


  1. CVP-5236 – Geographic Files are read only when used in the Publisher
  2. CVP-5250 – Use GUID instead of [friendly colname] for Server VectorLayer attribute list ids
  3. CVP-5253 – Should see the tile layer key for CloudVista and be able to modify it
  4. CVP-5300 – Error 500 when user tries to update a map on a portal for which he doesn’t have Modify rights
  5. CVP-5305 – Change ‘Column Type’ to ‘Data Type’ in layer properties
  6. CVP-5314 – Server data configuration with folders that contains only data table should not be displayed in the map source manager
  7. CVP-5330 – Labelling option Allow Duplicates should be true by default for point layer
  8. Publisher-5370 – Publish options window with alignement issues
  9. Publisher-5388 – Update start page video thumbnail
  10. CVV-3281 – Geocoder and isochrone url service should not be hard coded in source code
  11. CVV-3351 – Should be able to add another chart container even if there is no chart available
  12. CVV-3494 – Check feature visibility before spatial operation
  13. CVV-3569 – Review margins and padding on elements when hovered in legend view
  14. CVV-3592 – Routing: if geocoded point is visible in the map, the map extent should not change
  15. CVV-3593 – Routing – if geocoded point is not visible in the map, the map should pan to the point without zooming
  16. CVV-3594 – Routing: if a route is selected, the map should zoom on the extent of the route
  17. CVV-3596 – Routing – Data view improvements
  18. CVV-3607 – Routing: Multi destination nearest dropdown contains as many features as entries
  19. CVV-3629 – Transportation icon should be present in the route results for each route
  20. CVV-3631 – Routing: multidestination should not route to filtered out or invisible points
  21. CVV-3654 – GeoLocation tool should make two calls to speed up the process
  22. CVV-3657 – Improvement to SDK doc
  23. CVV-3735 – Make the colour of enabled vs. disabled buttons more obvious (different)
  24. CVV-3756 – Info tool map icon should be hidden when the info tool floating panel window is closed
  25. CVV-3757 – Selection layer list for spatial intersection should include non-visible layer
  26. CVV-3768 – Improve apply theme performance
  27. CVV-3774 – The print layout does not take all the available space
  28. CVV-3775 – Improve image point rendering performance
  29. Viewer-1584 – Add a show labels checkbox in the chart settings
  30. Viewer-3807 – On small devices, scale and map copyright overlaps
  31. Viewer-3806 – Make map export image download available on mobile
  32. WEBPORTAL-2240 – Missing server URL in login screen
  33. WEBPORTAL-2287 – Improvements to the target column input in the data join popup
  34. WEBPORTAL-2288 – Large polygon layer import could be improved
  35. WEBPORTAL-2439 – Caching mechanism for External Security Authenticator
  36. WEBPORTAL-2449 – Session images optimization
  37. WEBPORTAL-2482 – Dropdown content style
  38. WEBPORTAL-2513 – Specify the thumbnail size in the change thumbnail link
  39. WEBPORTAL-2520 – Progress bar color should be primary color of the theme
  40. WEBPORTAL-2524 – User management UI re-design
  41. WEBPORTAL-2563 – Spinner should be displayed while fetching a list of users/groups in the permissions dialogs
  42. WEBPORTAL-2573 – Data observatory – Representation tab improvements
  43. WEBPORTAL-2585 – Data observatory – Optional parameter should be turned off by default when creating a new dimension
  44. WEBPORTAL-2588 – Confirmation dialog doesn’t handle large title text item well
  45. WEBPORTAL-2611 – Bread crumb should have tool tip on mouse hover
  46. WEBPORTAL-2636 – Change ‘Column Type’ to ‘Data Type’
  47. WEBPORTAL-2647 – Skin folder property panel
  48. WEBPORTAL-2653 – Add loading overlay in imageLibrary popup
  49. WEBPORTAL-2654 – User should not be able to add a second spatial dimension
  50. WEBPORTAL-2665 – Review spacing of elements in data observatory list
  51. WEBPORTAL-2684 – Representation tree view hiding titles
  52. WEBPORTAL-2686 – Missing tooltips
  53. WEBPORTAL-2714 – Help url validation
  54. WEBPORTAL-2717 – Map list: when creating a new folder, it’s not selected, but its properties are displayed
  55. WEBPORTAL-2718 – Textfield should be visible in the property panel even if it’s inactive
  56. WEBPORTAL-2745 – Creation of new item (folder, representation, dimension, dimension member) should be automatically selected in the grid/treeview
  57. WEBPORTAL-2749 – New field ‘Notes’ on user
  58. WEBPORTAL-2750 – Improve template of the map used in the administration of Representation
  59. WEBPORTAL-2781 – Tab indexing on dialog to add a variable
  60. WEBPORTAL-2796 – Spatial dimension should not be allowed to be turned ‘optional’
  61. WEBPORTAL-2816 – Map model dropdown should allow the user to search/filter
  62. WEBPORTAL-2817 – Representation creation dialog should allow user to search/filter
  63. WEBPORTAL-2821 – Rest api : add option to update data table + columns in one call
  64. WEBPORTAL-2822 – Dimension member: code url should be changed to alias
  65. WEBPORTAL-2826 – Representation properties panel UI new tab ‘Data’
  66. WEBPORTAL-2833 – Long column names should have ellipsis in spatial list view
  67. WEBPORTAL-2843 – Displayed name in detailview should have ellipsis when name is too long
  68. WEBPORTAL-2849 – Dropdown and field are too close in filter popup
  69. WEBPORTAL-2856 – Should add the bouncy ball loading spinner for all calls
  70. WEBPORTAL-2874 – Creating folder should highlight the Folder in the gridview
  71. WEBPORTAL-2878 – No confirmation dialog before deleting a representation
  72. WEBPORTAL-2942 – Default representation name should be the column name
  73. WEBPORTAL-2965 – User shall be able to drag and drop representation from one variable to another one
  74. WEBPORTAL-3038 – Thumbnail of folders in map list view should be bigger
  75. WEBPORTAL-3039 – Map thumbnail mouseover effect
  76. WEBPORTAL-3040 – Mobile – Map thumbnail icon
  77. WEBPORTAL-3044 – Shortcut name should be automatically fed
  78. WEBPORTAL-3053 – Notification should open the associated element when the name is clicked (Similar to Link Tab)
  79. WEBPORTAL-3054 – Notification: Limit object name displayed length and put ellipsis with tooltip when it is longer than the limit.
  80. WEBPORTAL-3076 – Clicking on a half hidden element should scroll to reveal its entirety
  81. WEBPORTAL-3081 – MoveTo popup should have a loader during a drill down into a folder
  82. WEBPORTAL-3086 – After drag and drop error in representation view, item that was being dragged should be highlighted
  83. WEBPORTAL-3087 – No loading overlay in users page after modifying a folder from detail view
  84. WEBPORTAL-3093 – Inconsistency whether or not double clicking a non-folder item selects it and/or opens its detail view across all views
  85. WEBPORTAL-3113 – Session user interface skinning problem
  86. WEBPORTAL-3117 – Improve the speed of GetObservatoryContent, GetDataService and GetParameters
  87. WEBPORTAL-3124 – Statistics page should refresh every time it’s opened
  88. WEBPORTAL-3166 – Localization of decimal system missing in valeurs de references
  89. WEBPORTAL-3175 – Change LinkingIds temp table string to array conversion.
  90. WEBPORTAL-3187 – Observatory Dimension Member : delete action should not be enabled on dimension member that are used in a representation
  91. WEBPORTAL-3192 – Ellipsis present in tileset even when the name is one line
  92. WEBPORTAL-3195 – An explanation text should be add to the import group dialog when choosing users
  93. WEBPORTAL-3216 – Users – Add Group message should say “No groups to import.” when the search returns no groups.
  94. WEBPORTAL-3222 – Revisite return types of Server Rest API
  95. WEBPORTAL-3234 – Allow Style Editing enabled by default
  96. WEBPORTAL-3241 – We should prefix sort order column by the table in the data query processor
  97. WEBPORTAL-3250 – CV5 JS Viewer sdk dataquery calls from javascript may be faced with an empty result sets without the dev knowing why
  98. WEBPORTAL-3257 – Data column metadata field height should be increased to 3 lines
  99. WEBPORTAL-3261 – Default shortcut title should be the name of the item
  100. WEBPORTAL-3266 – Representations Others tab has information covered by the html editor
  101. WEBPORTAL-3275 – Formatting of numbers of features should use a monospace font
  102. WEBPORTAL-3318 – When searching elements, we should display the total number of matches
  103. WEBPORTAL-3321 – Import group action should be atomic. If an error occurs with the creation of a user, the group still gets created.
  104. WEBPORTAL-3333 – Customer logo should be smaller in mobile
  105. WEBPORTAL-3335 – Line separator between Data Table switch and manage columns
  106. WEBPORTAL-3343 – Find a way to disable chrome feature of auto complete of form field element
  107. WEBPORTAL-3344 – All links group should be collapsed by default
  108. WEBPORTAL-3345 – Group links should be ordered alphabetically
  109. WEBPORTAL-3346 – Grid columns’ filter menu UI should not display a combo box or list of results
  110. WEBPORTAL-3391 – Label text should maybe be more consistent like mouse over textboxes
  111. WEBPORTAL-3409 – Some custom filters do not implement the diacritic filtering
  112. WEBPORTAL-3414 – List view style is not the same in Maps vs Data vs other places
  113. Server-3255 – Cleanup add header verbs in web.config
  114. Server-3508 – Allow embedded map to use portal security and not fall back only to anonymous
  115. Server-3434 – User agreement should popup over the public map gallery
  116. Server-3462 – scheduled task of portal should include the web app also
  117. Server-3147 – Download notification should have a url link to allow the user to download his document
  118. Server-3460 – Add DB version validation prior to making an installation / upgrade
  119. Server-3463 – Update on management of the Microsoft CLR
  120. Server-3179 – Pressing Enter should be equivalent to clicking on ok button


  1. CVP-5311,SUPPORT-511,SUPPORT-533 – EPSG:900913 and EPSG:3857 should be compatible in the map
  2. CVP-5323,SUPPORT-550 – High DPI scaling issue with EO.WebBrowser
  3. Publisher-5389, SUPPORT-593 – Error accessing Viewer Configuration
  4. Viewer-3796, SUPPORT-586 – Implement new spatial selection type by ‘centroid’
  5. WEBPORTAL-3304,SUPPORT-488 – Clicking on ‘add data’ when the session is expired generate a 500 error
  6. WEBPORTAL-2553,SUPPORT-514 – Username sometime appear in search title or other textfield of the portal
  7. Server-3458, SUPPORT-590 – If session can’t be restored, a message should be displayed to the user
  8. CVP-5127 – Bulk Publisher: loading a CVB doesn’t allow to publish
  9. CVP-5192 – Unable to use CSV file in map sources when the first row doesn’t contains column headers
  10. CVP-5196 – CSV – Space in header column causes browsing issue
  11. CVP-5197 – Special characters in CSV files in the header line are not read properly
  12. CVP-5204 – Locate excel file as a map layer is not working
  13. CVP-5221 – Map topbar buttons are not accessible when the map is small
  14. CVP-5322 – Long server layer name causes issues in CVP
  15. CVP-5324 – Memory exception and map publisher refactoring
  16. CVP-5325 – Can’t add a database table containing dash characters
  17. CVP-5362 – List of server in map source is de-synchronized from preference
  18. CVP-5365 – Click and drag of a layer that has an alias does not correctly use the original name as the Id in the new map window
  19. CVV-1698 – Implement a proxy solution for kendoui.saveAs for Safari/IE9 browsers
  20. CVV-3373 – Using CvTextBox.value does not clear the whitespace when the input type is email
  21. CVV-3405 – Info panel doesn’t display columns in the order set in CVP
  22. CVV-3489 – Search not working on server layer when more than one column in searchAttributes
  23. CVV-3498 – addLayer function not working properly when given a depth value
  24. CVV-3520 – Routing: routes colors should not be random
  25. CVV-3521 – Routing: single point destination not removed from the map when switching to multi destination
  26. CVV-3528 – DataQuery on two data tables with one dataTable that has missing linkingId does not return the right amount of rows
  27. CVV-3543 – Routing: padding not the same in each panel views
  28. CVV-3544 – Settings and copy buttons should fade out when mouse out of the panel just like other panels do
  29. CVV-3556 – Opening the color selector in Chart View and Legend sometimes closes right after being opened
  30. CVV-3565 – Style class opacity not saving in Themes Configuration
  31. CVV-3566 – Annotation line pattern not saved in session
  32. CVV-3600 – Routing: text overflow
  33. CVV-3621 – Responsive print layout does not have print and close buttons
  34. CVV-3622 – Routing: blue square in direction panel
  35. CVV-3623 – Routing: direction for pedestrian show car
  36. CVV-3625 – Routing: Async bug with multiple destinations
  37. CVV-3628 – Routing: sort field not working
  38. CVV-3672 – Median stats decimal can be cut
  39. CVV-3676 – Clear selection tool does not work after clicking outside features of the map
  40. CVV-3682 – Fix icons placement in CvDataColumnDropDown when fixed width
  41. CVV-3685 – Filter on default themeset constrained the features loaded on the map for non-tiled server layer
  42. CVV-3730 – After doing a legend selection and changing the # of pages to Auto the pages disappear
  43. CVV-3751 – Datatip Image Size problem
  44. CVV-3752 – Map renderer opacity problem when map resizes
  45. CVV-3766 – Incorrect Out of range calculation
  46. CVV-3770 – On certain condition, late parsing of element clustering may result in server layer not having the proper visual of clusters
  47. CVV-3772 – Isochrone time problems
  48. CVV-3777 – Multi clicking on the initial extents button can cause Parameter extent not of type Extent
  49. CVV-3784 – Drawing Tools: deleting a drawing features does not remove the selection square and buttons
  50. CVV-3785 – Chart view does not update when updating data
  51. CVV-3787 – Mobile can’t edit thematic legend text
  52. CVV-3797 – Custom Analysis gets deleted from the tree view
  53. Viewer-3776 – Problem with info tool on samsung device
  54. Viewer-3386 – “Cannot read property ‘spatialIndex’ of null” error when map has heat map
  55. Viewer-3809 – Routing tool logo misplaced
  56. Viewer-3815 – Changing the page size sometimes changes the order of the items in the data view
  57. Viewer-3816 – Labelling is slow
  58. Viewer-3817 – Improve LabelRenderer.contentInvalid
  59. Viewer-3820 – Opening the carousel the first time after selecting the point does not animate from the centre of the screen
  60. Viewer-3782 – Routing: error sorting by field
  61. Viewer-3810 – Search list is empty until user clicks on the layer
  62. Viewer-2975 – Layer metadata are displayed at the bottom of the map even when layer not visible
  63. WEBPORTAL-1375 – Temporary maps are not always cleaned properly
  64. WEBPORTAL-2402 – Share button should not be visible if the option is off in the map definition
  65. WEBPORTAL-2453 – Auto save of element may cause inconsistency on the UI
  66. WEBPORTAL-2454 – Update of data column type does not refresh data grid
  67. WEBPORTAL-2498 – Color picker does not open when page is scrolled
  68. WEBPORTAL-2528 – License expiration date in tenant should be iso-8601
  69. WEBPORTAL-2531 – Map gallery user with modify permission should not be able to push a new map package on an existing map
  70. WEBPORTAL-2577 – Folder name should be unique inside their parent
  71. WEBPORTAL-2604 – Changing the portal langage breaks the onClick grid row in spatialmetadata page.
  72. WEBPORTAL-2640 – Cannot control the NA values on data column for server layers
  73. WEBPORTAL-2641 – Link between server layer, tile, datatable and map are not reverted if the map publish is cancelled
  74. WEBPORTAL-2649 – Rest API DataColumn should expose a SystemIdentifier and a friendly name
  75. WEBPORTAL-2652 – Unable to update a datatable from its original excel document once the column type has changed
  76. WEBPORTAL-2678 – Editing a user/group/folder through the detail view does not automatically reflect in the grid
  77. WEBPORTAL-2707 – The color of the color picker should reflect the actual color of the folder
  78. WEBPORTAL-2725 – Color square should be perfectly centered
  79. WEBPORTAL-2726 – Folder detail view should be consistent thoughout the ui
  80. WEBPORTAL-2728 – Invalid count reported for joined data on communes (and possibly other layers)
  81. WEBPORTAL-2731 – The ‘X’ to close map detail is not centered in it’s hover background.
  82. WEBPORTAL-2769 – Product id for publisher should be different in version 6.5 to allow parallel installation
  83. WEBPORTAL-2799 – When clicking on first row of page 2 in data management, grid goes to previous page
  84. WEBPORTAL-2802 – Columns stay selected even if table is changed
  85. WEBPORTAL-2810 – Long title not displayed correctly in the links tab
  86. WEBPORTAL-2818 – Invalid message’s icon should be red
  87. WEBPORTAL-2820 – Options menu buttons in detail view are too close together
  88. WEBPORTAL-2824 – Missing padding in element of the linking elements in the property panel
  89. WEBPORTAL-2830 – Change ‘Tile layers’ for ‘Basemaps’
  90. WEBPORTAL-2831 – Labels move positions when their textboxes have validation tooltips
  91. WEBPORTAL-2841 – Selecting folder in gridview and switching it back to listview does not highlight row
  92. WEBPORTAL-2844 – Action Buttons in Super admin detail view should stick to the bottom
  93. WEBPORTAL-2846 – Disclaimer textbox jumps around during edit when it overflows
  94. WEBPORTAL-2848 – Juxtaposed ui elements in Tenant detail view
  95. WEBPORTAL-2850 – Row gets deselected when refreshing
  96. WEBPORTAL-2858 – Folder single click opens the details view but double click only expands
  97. WEBPORTAL-2859 – Data table Listview is too close to the right border
  98. WEBPORTAL-2860 – Rename dialog’s popup should be on the same line with the close button
  99. WEBPORTAL-2866 – Saving notes for activeDirectory members not working
  100. WEBPORTAL-2867 – Changing the localization breaks the drill down ability of the “Data” table
  101. WEBPORTAL-2868 – Mobile – Some UI elements in the map detail view and folder detail view are not responsive
  102. WEBPORTAL-2870 – Mobile – Add group/user popup overflows
  103. WEBPORTAL-2871 – Export data elements not working
  104. WEBPORTAL-2872 – Mobile – There’s no way to close folder detailview and cancel simply resets the fields
  105. WEBPORTAL-2876 – Close icon is a little too low
  106. WEBPORTAL-2887 – Data detail view close button and contextual menu misplaced
  107. WEBPORTAL-2896 – Range / individual value calculation should not use any filter if some are set on columns
  108. WEBPORTAL-2898 – Mobile – Issue when viewing data tables
  109. WEBPORTAL-2899 – Mobile – Juxtaposed key icon in data table’s listview
  110. WEBPORTAL-2901 – Row gets deselected when sorting columns
  111. WEBPORTAL-2904 – (IE11 & Edge) – Some fields show up as “null” when empty
  112. WEBPORTAL-2910 – (IE11) – Save and cancel buttons do not stick to the bottom
  113. WEBPORTAL-2912 – Row should be limited to a few lines when it’s too long
  114. WEBPORTAL-2913 – Link data delete button skin
  115. WEBPORTAL-2919 – Color changes when the color picker is opened twice for a new folder
  116. WEBPORTAL-2921 – Rows not clickable in data table listview
  117. WEBPORTAL-2923 – Server error popup when folder identifier is too long
  118. WEBPORTAL-2926 – Changing folder’s identifier does not show in the UI unless the detailview is reopened
  119. WEBPORTAL-2929 – Detailview stays open during search in the user & superuser management views
  120. WEBPORTAL-2931 – Call to get features fails on newly created layer, using the REST API
  121. WEBPORTAL-2943 – Long folder name should have ellipsis with a tooltip
  122. WEBPORTAL-2949 – Deleting a data element should keep grid at the same page after refresh
  123. WEBPORTAL-2952 – Forgot password link doesn’t work on first click because of textfield validator
  124. WEBPORTAL-2953 – Ellipsis needed when identifier is too long
  125. WEBPORTAL-2969 – ActionPanel not generating in FolderDetailView in MapGallery
  126. WEBPORTAL-2972 – Calls to linking of data should only be done in the UI when license has the proper modules
  127. WEBPORTAL-2974 – (IE11 & Edge) Name’s editable label and view data label are too close when the name’s long
  128. WEBPORTAL-2980 – When rows are unselected, the detail view should be hidden
  129. WEBPORTAL-2981 – Adjustment of locales
  130. WEBPORTAL-2984 – Shortcut path/link should have an ellipsis when it is too long.
  131. WEBPORTAL-2985 – Mobile – Overflow on the right in map Gallery
  132. WEBPORTAL-2993 – Missing image content
  133. WEBPORTAL-3001 – Add shortcut dialog doesn’t display all folders and shows it has children even though it is empty
  134. WEBPORTAL-3003 – Georeference dialog long title – dialog overflows out of window.
  135. WEBPORTAL-3026 – Move to user interface overflows when there are too many folders
  136. WEBPORTAL-3027 – Link tab is cutoff when there are a lot of items
  137. WEBPORTAL-3033 – Folder detail view in data page has open detail view in option panel
  138. WEBPORTAL-3034 – Option panel in map detail view remains open when switching between other map detail views in maps page
  139. WEBPORTAL-3035 – Once a folder is selected in move to popup, you can not currently unselect the folder without selecting another one
  140. WEBPORTAL-3036 – Sorting icon is hidden in user grid
  141. WEBPORTAL-3037 – Features are not displayed even if clustering is disabled in the publisher or the viewer
  142. WEBPORTAL-3064 – Doubleclick to open not working in listview of mapgallery
  143. WEBPORTAL-3067 – Mobile – Move popup overflows to the right
  144. WEBPORTAL-3068 – Group create does not handle the error when the name is too long.
  145. WEBPORTAL-3072 – Header elements juxtaposed in superadmin detailview
  146. WEBPORTAL-3079 – Mobile – Icon too small and the options buttons should be more to the right
  147. WEBPORTAL-3082 – Delete dialog of folder overflows when the name is super long
  148. WEBPORTAL-3084 – Folder detail views in map gallery don’t have the move to button in action panel
  149. WEBPORTAL-3091 – Bottom save and cancel bar is getting cut off by the bottom of the window in the manage print layout
  150. WEBPORTAL-3094 – Overflow with users with long full names in their detail view
  151. WEBPORTAL-3096 – Id issues in the folder detailview
  152. WEBPORTAL-3097 – No map title in map view mode
  153. WEBPORTAL-3101 – Active state on folder not updated when I click on another folder
  154. WEBPORTAL-3103 – Updating folder/user name does not automatically reflect in the detailview
  155. WEBPORTAL-3108 – Move to popup : Current folder name extends back button when too long
  156. WEBPORTAL-3109 – In mobile, the notification view design needs to be improved. The progress bar doesn’t fit with a large number of features.
  157. WEBPORTAL-3110 – Mobile – Options menu seems to do nothing from the map listview
  158. WEBPORTAL-3115 – When a map is loaded, clicking on Cartovista icon on the top left appears to the map instead of getting back to the home page
  159. WEBPORTAL-3123 – Add folder button’s folder icon goes down a few pixels when opening drop down list beside it
  160. WEBPORTAL-3126 – Buttons container is misaligned in view html popup
  161. WEBPORTAL-3128 – Update map permission when it is territory manager ready should propagate the settings to at least the base scenario layer
  162. WEBPORTAL-3129 – Map and folder names disappear when making the window thin in the map gallery list view
  163. WEBPORTAL-3130 – Map gallery list view does not sort items based on type
  164. WEBPORTAL-3142 – List should be ordered alphabetically in the combobox
  165. WEBPORTAL-3146 – Table dropdown overflows when scrolling
  166. WEBPORTAL-3155 – Pager container is out of place
  167. WEBPORTAL-3167 – Refresh button is broken in Tileset Metadata
  168. WEBPORTAL-3173 – Portal should provide visual cues if a tenant is not available for use
  169. WEBPORTAL-3176 – Search result box needs HTML escaping
  170. WEBPORTAL-3177 – Second line should not have ellipsis and spacing between lines is too large
  171. WEBPORTAL-3178 – Modify permissions widget overflows when the user’s name is too long
  172. WEBPORTAL-3180 – Missing layer name on notification on cluster creation
  173. WEBPORTAL-3181 – Buttons container is too low in user detailview
  174. WEBPORTAL-3191 – Search feature is broken in some grids
  175. WEBPORTAL-3203 – Using server API for creating a feature throws an error when lat long projection is used or same projection of the source layer
  176. WEBPORTAL-3204 – Projection verification in the Web API does not handle subtle string changes
  177. WEBPORTAL-3223 – Group Multiselect doesn’t filter users when typing.
  178. WEBPORTAL-3224 – When a group or user is created, it is not created in the current folder.
  179. WEBPORTAL-3229 – MSSQL deployement on instances with recent version of engine fails with CLR assembly
  180. WEBPORTAL-3230 – Strange horizontal bar in tenant management
  181. WEBPORTAL-3231 – Unable to send an empty spatial layer
  182. WEBPORTAL-3252 – Server layer cluster labels duplication
  183. WEBPORTAL-3265 – “Valeurs de reference” should be adjusted to respect the precision of the data column
  184. WEBPORTAL-3270 – Search and filters should ignore accent
  185. WEBPORTAL-3271 – Can’t go back to a server layer when viewing the properties of an attribute table
  186. WEBPORTAL-3287 – Filter on column ‘type’ does not list every available option
  187. WEBPORTAL-3288 – Data table name improvements
  188. WEBPORTAL-3295 – Issues in the map detail view on mobile
  189. WEBPORTAL-3296 – Session issues on mobile
  190. WEBPORTAL-3297 – Popup issues on mobile
  191. WEBPORTAL-3310 – Unique identifier textfield should adapt its size to the length of the text
  192. WEBPORTAL-3315 – Sorting the data element grid in the portal should keep the folder on top
  193. WEBPORTAL-3319 – Link Data popup’s Kendo UI ComboBox is not filtering user input
  194. WEBPORTAL-3324 – The Users selected to import when importing a group should be created in the same folder as the group
  195. WEBPORTAL-3325 – Datatable datacolumn cancel/save buttons are partially hidden when the column name is long
  196. WEBPORTAL-3330 – Grid column’s filter menu’s operator drop-down changes on user input
  197. WEBPORTAL-3341 – MapThumbnail does not respect width and height parameters
  198. WEBPORTAL-3348 – Breadcrumb improvements
  199. WEBPORTAL-3350 – DataColumn icon size is too small
  200. WEBPORTAL-3361 – Map thumbnail doesn’t have correct size in properties panel
  201. WEBPORTAL-3362 – Every group of items in links tab should be ordered alphabetically
  202. WEBPORTAL-3364 – Poor search performance when only one letter is typed
  203. WEBPORTAL-3377 – When screen width is small enough, breadcrumb is displayed incorrectly
  204. WEBPORTAL-3408 – Map thumbnail in property panel should be emptied out when panel is closed
  205. WEBPORTAL-3410 – Tenant image does not show on login page in IE Edge
  206. WEBPORTAL-3418 – Wrap text issues
  207. WEBPORTAL-3424 – Editable label – placing mouse near editable labels causes switching between edit and label issues
  208. WEBPORTAL-3425 – Turkish localization
  209. WEBPORTAL-3440 – Search bar should trim search criteria
  210. Server-1911 – Georeferencing notification stuck when invalid data
  211. Server-3475 – REST API create update does not work under MSSQL
  212. Server-3127 – Data grids do not change the number of item per page on window resize
  213. Server-2161 – Disable rubberband scrolling on the page in Safari
  214. Server-3498 – Fix deprecated warning about selection when opening a session
  215. Server-3450 – In user management section, sorting last login column does not work properly
  216. Server-3135 – No way to exit the “open a session” popup
  217. Server-3461 – Scenario create popup, wrong label
  218. Server-3399 – Users folder can’t be deleted even though all items in that folder were “deleted”
  219. Server-2639 – Incorrect sort order on joined data column that contains null
  220. Server-3472 – RestAPI: CreateFromZip broken