CartoVista | Features

CartoVista makes it easy to reach your users with sophisticated web mapping features.


Lightning-fast vector maps designed with the best of HTML5

Fast access to data is crucial for business decisions and communication. Revolutionize access to your data by creating impressive vector maps.

Reach non-GIS users with responsive web maps

Give your users multiple thematic maps at the click of a button. Give them the data views they need at their fingertips. Create outstanding maps that have an edge.

Empower your users to analyze and access data

Help your users discover, inspect, filter and select data with intuitive web tools. View data distributions and statistics while allowing users to find and extract the information they need.

Deploy quickly and avoid IT complications

Reach your users over the web without worrying about map performance or your IT department. HTML5 maps can be deployed easily anywhere in a matter of minutes.


Integrating and analyzing Raster Grid Data

From remote sensing to drone imagery, raster grid data can take geographic information to a new dimension that nicely complements vector data.

Create maps straight from your GIS data

Use your existing GIS data (Shapefiles, map tiles, etc.) to create high-quality web maps. Configure your data and publish it in just a few seconds.

Load attribute data easily

Import multiple file formats into the map with ease. Link attribute information (Excel, etc.) to your spatial data. Create points or geocode data from address fields.

Make your data beautiful with photoshop-like effects

Use great cartographic options for your layers (e.g. drop shadow, outer glow, blend mode, etc.) and prepare better looking distinctive web maps.

Manage large GIS datasets

Upload large GIS layers (millions of records) and share them across different maps. Link attribute information (Excel, etc.) to your large datasets.

Leverage existing map tiles in any projection

Choose an appropriate base map from multiple tile providers to get your web mapping projects deployed quickly and easily.

Create atlas-quality base maps

Create distinctive tiled base maps that give your application a different look and feel. Benefit from a high level of cartographic flexibility (labelling, etc.).

Integrate raster imagery

Raster images can add a unique dimension to your GIS projects. Integrate aerial photographs and ortho-images in your maps as tile layers.


Use sophisticated thematic analysis tools

CartoVista excels in the art of displaying data using color, size, symbols, patterns, etc. on the fly. It includes more than 16 types of thematic analyses you can choose from and customize with the legend to represent your data effectively.

Enhance the user experience with rich feature interactions

Highlight key spatial information on your maps with interactive feature events (rollover, datatips, etc.) to help users comprehend complex data.

Enable dynamic end user map styling

Stop creating static content. Give your end users the ability to change ranges, colors or even create their own thematic analyses. Giving them the ability to "self-serve" reduces the number of maps you need to create or modify.

Create smart data binding with live web services

CartoVista was built from the ground up to bind data and integrate external information. Create smart links to your live data sources and get your data connected.

Centralize your projects, manage users & access

Facilitate your project access by organizing maps, data and user access with the CartoVista server.

Easily navigate and configure map information

Benefit from advanced map tools to navigate and query the map efficiently. Configure/change which fields are displayed in table and information views.


Leverage interactive charts

Create remarkable maps that showcase your data with interactive charts. Show your data graphically and allow users to discover the information behind the data.

Use effective data tables

Create unique maps that expose your data with interactive tables. Display the underlying map data clearly for your end users.

Enhance your team collaboration

Enable users to save and share their sessions. Share maps on social media or embed them on a website. Create impressive PDF print outputs.

Fully control the UI/UX

Don’t write a single line of code. Benefit from more than 100 options to help you define the user interface and tools you need (panels, notices, metadata, scalebar, zoombar, overview map, etc.).

Reach & engage with mobile users

HTML5 maps function exceptionally well on mobile devices. Deploy a map interface that works perfectly on all smartphones and tablets.

Deploy with your own brand, in multiple languages

Customize the interface color schemes and integrate your company branding and logo. Deploy your maps in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese or German.


Display point layers with clustering

Simplify the presentation of your large layers of points with clustering. Clusters include meaningful colors (pies) that are based on a layer’s thematic data.

Create heat map analysis

Display the density of locations with a colorful heatmap to highlight the geographic distribution of a point layer.

Search map layers & locate by address

Empower end users to search for features in a specific map layer. Enter an address, place name or zip code to zoom to that location using HERE Maps or Bing Maps services.

Annotate & draw on the map

Add objects with the drawing toolbar (text, line, polygons, etc.) easily on the map. Save and share annotations between users.

Create drive-time isochrone analysis

Choose the transportation mode, departure time to add drivetime polygons to your map from a specific location (with H vivante HERE Maps). Compare different scenarios on the same map.

Link multimedia content to your layers

Add relevant images or video content to your map features. Create powerful associations with hyperlinks.


Create custom apps with the software development kit (SDK)

Develop new web/mobile interfaces and extend CartoVista easily with plain JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.