Version 6.0.0



  1. CVV-1242 – Added a button in responsive mode to return to the map once a panel has beened.
  2. CVV-1636 – Support DataEnum.IMAGE_URL.
  3. CVV-2964 – Territory Manager – New button to select all the blocks composing a territory.
  4. CVV-2978 – Geolocation tool.
  5. CVV-2991 – Redesign add thematic window.
  6. CVV-2992 – New color skins.
  7. CVV-2995 –  SUPPORT-350 – License key now support wildcard domain (e.g.: *
  8. CVV-3042 – New Search geocoder with Here Maps.
  9. CVV-3065 – New ‘cumulative mode’ on selection tool.
  10. CVV-3127 – Support mix of datatable local and non-tiled server layer.
  11. CVV-3131 –  SUPPORT-306 – Data column – New option to define where to position the unit.
  12. CVV-3164 –  SUPPORT-365 – Data view – Statistics exported as a new sheet.
  13. CVV-3166 – Image carousel now available in Info View.
  14. CVV-3167 – New Isochrone/Isodistance Tool.
  15. CVV-3186 – Support for WMS 1.3.0.


  1. CVV-1602 – Data table asynchronous load.
  2. CVV-2390 – Scalebar unit changes when value is below 2.
  3. CVV-2811 – SUPPORT-234 – Print layout: Creating a text by clicking or drawing a box enters in edit mode automatically.
  4. CVV-2898 – Add “Cancel” button in Redistricting Tool Setting Panel.
  5. CVV-2959 – Export Legend as PNG – Settings Icon not visible anymore.
  6. CVV-3050 – Print Layout title wrapped.
  7. CVV-3132 – SUPPORT-309 – Filters string comparison should ignore accents.
  8. CVV-3137 – Reduce number of calls sent to server when doing map rollover.
  9. CVV-3150 – VectorSourceServer should not call server when server layer is not tiled.


  1. CVV-1144 – Double tap with area tool or polygonal selection tool on mobile cause the map to zoom in.
  2. CVV-2087 – Unselect All tool should be grayed out when there is no active selection.
  3. CVV-2179 – Fixed problem in responsive mode where bottom buttons were falling on two lines.
  4. CVV-2552 – ThemeSet title containing a special character is not displayed properly in Viewer.
  5. CVV-2639 – N/A count not correct for server layers.
  6. CVV-2678 – UI problems when selecting from the legend.
  7. CVV-2711 – Bing Geocoder causes UI problem in Responsive Layout.
  8. CVV-2729 – Pressing the “.” key or “-” on Keyboard Numpad does not enter decimal period/comma.
  9. CVV-2746 – Share popup is too wide for mobile.
  10. CVV-2756 – Text not stylized in opacity bar of the background color menu.
  11. CVV-2763 – Data grid selection not updated when selection is made from the map or the legend.
  12. CVV-2768 – Error when resizing browser while in print layout mode.
  13. CVV-2840 – Point position different when clusters are activated.
  14. CVV-2878 – Territory Manager – display a cursor when loading the users list.
  15. CVV-2909 – “Out of Ranges” class created but no feature can be found.
  16. CVV-2940 – Error changing column position in data grid.
  17. CVV-2949 – SUPPORT-286 – Heatmaps do not preserve the map distance.
  18. CVV-2950 – SUPPORT-292 Resolved – Cluster activated not enforced when exiting the force cluster scale zone.
  19. CVV-2971 – Stroke image is not displayed properly in the legend on the default theme set.
  20. CVV-2976 – Circular selection tool unit name is “meter” in French.
  21. CVV-2987 – Territory manager: when editing an existing scenario, the title of the ui should be adapted.
  22. CVV-2988 – Info tool not working on server layer.
  23. CVV-2989 – Ruler not working properly.
  24. CVV-2990 – Themes in Jenks on server layer drop multiple values.
  25. CVV-2999 – Drawing tools: selection of annotation does not work.
  26. CVV-3023 – SUPPORT-323 – Print button should be disabled for iOS and Mac Safari.
  27. CVV-3024 – SUPPORT-323 – Google Street View not working on iPad.
  28. CVV-3027 – Support two server data tables.
  29. CVV-3033 – Dataview refreshes its content when panning a map with a vector server layer even if nothing has changed.
  30. CVV-3045 – SUPPORT-337 – CartoVista height problem in firefox responsive mode.
  31. CVV-3052 – Map title repeated in print template.
  32. CVV-3053 – Legend lost in the Print Layout.
  33. CVV-3058 – Chart not updated properly when data filtered in the data table with check box.
  34. CVV-3073 – Print layout text editor: Lose selection text when clicking on text editor toolbar.
  35. CVV-3079 – Search on a vector server layer does not filter the list of entries.
  36. CVV-3080 – Selection on server layer causes unwanted behavior.
  37. CVV-3081 – Style should not be visible in legend if the style is not visible in the map.
  38. CVV-3082 – Error when using info tool on a point server layer.
  39. CVV-3087 – Incorrect font in charts’ data tips.
  40. CVV-3088 – Cannot excel downloaded from data grid when columns titles are too long.
  41. CVV-3103 – Server Layer: Size Theme by Range shows N/A.
  42. CVV-3110 – Stats on string data column form server layer sometimes show -1 instead of N/A.
  43. CVV-3112 – Rollover uses same color for icon and background.
  44. CVV-3117 – General misbehavior of selection tools after pressing ESC on mouse down.
  45. CVV-3118 – Server layer – number of ranges changes should reflect immediately in the interface.
  46. CVV-3120 – Problem in console when filter is applied at loading time via themeset.
  47. CVV-3121 – Data Grid: clicking in blank zone above grid resets it to page 1.
  48. CVV-3125 – Date Container font in Print Template is quoted.
  49. CVV-3130 – SUPPORT-340 – Drawing tools should not select non-visible features.
  50. CVV-3145 – Image Symbol Roll Over image should display the image color.
  51. CVV-3146 – DateTime field only displaying the year.
  52. CVV-3151 – Point representation is cropped in the Info view.
  53. CVV-3160 – Problem with rounded MIN & MAX values in themes by gradient.
  54. CVV-3174 – Filter pop up dialog with a long list of individual value not shown properly.
  55. CVV-3177 – Jenks returns wrong range counts when using server layers.
  56. CVV-3178 – It should not be possible to add a chart placeholder if there is not more chart available.
  57. CVV-3184 – SUPPORT-374 – PDF created with CartoVista generate errors when used in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  58. CVV-3190 – SUPPORT-373 Resolved – Pie chart min max scheme not applied.
  59. CVV-3194 – Cannot export PDF from Print Template when copying text in text box.
  60. CVV-3199 – SUPPORT-375 Resolved – On long load of config files, font loading resources may prevent the ui from loading in some cases.
  61. CVV-3201 – The territory dropdown stays when clicking on an action.
  62. CVV-3210 – Missing symbol overlay in theme dialog.


  1. CVV-2574 – SDK: updating point coords does not move the point and label on the map.
  2. CVV-2844 – Be able to remove all features from a layer without passing a feature list.
  3. CVV-2928 – SDK: add a reload feature function.
  4. CVV-3119 – Trying to clone a PolygonSymbolizer with fillcolor1=null does not work.
  5. CVV-3141 – Add new functionnality of filtering to DataQuery without affecting the data displayed in the various window.
  6. CVV-3249 – DomUtil.removeClass can fail when classes have a common prefix.



  1. Added support for WMS 1.3



  1. Dropped support for Windows XP
  2. Dropped support for Windows Vista
  3. Dropped support for Windows Server 2003


  1. CVP-2321 – SUPPORT-209 – Add a Locate Main Folder for indicators (like we have for layers).
  2. CVP-3526 – Add “Add to Favorites” and “Remove from Favorites” to coordinate system picker dialog.
  3. CVP-3818 – WMS configuration data format.
  4. CVP-3984 – Add support for SpatiaLite file.
  5. CVP-4111 – Add Nokia HERE map tile provider.
  6. CVP-4240 – Allow a portal layer to be <relocated> to a URL that a user can specify.
  7. CVP-4700 – Add options for Big Tiles processing within the Tile Generator.
  8. CVP-4742 – New IMAGE_URL data type.
  9. CVP-4770 – New search geocoder option using Here maps available in the Viewer Configuration dialog.
  10. CVP-4795 – New cumulative selection mode option.
  11. CVP-4730 – New Viewer Color Theme selection.
  12. CVP-4870 – SUPPORT-306 – Data unit placement option.
  13. CVP-4875 – SUPPORT-321 – Multipoint support.
  14. CVP-4890 – Start-up Page.
  15. CVP-4950 – New Isochrone/Isodistance map tool.


  1. CVP-3680 – Be able to drag and drop the Tile Provider from the layer control of the map to the Map Source Manager.
  2. CVP-4237 – Improved handling of error when trying to set Unique Key on CSV file.
  3. CVP-4307 – Gray out some extended label properties.
  4. CVP-4309 – Remove Max and Min Font Size options (Extended Label properties).
  5. CVP-4321 – Precision and data rounding properties should not be available for data type integer and octet.
  6. CVP-4342 – Update style class list after locating the layer.
  7. CVP-4468 – Improved thumbnail dialog.
  8. CVP-4600 – WMS Layer: Manage projection mismatch.
  9. CVP-4678 – Improve launching time when Publisher is connected to multiple portals.
  10. CVP-4679 – Tile Generator – Improved memory allocation.
  11. CVP-4690 – Include a default localhost Viewer licence key in the Publisher.
  12. CVP-4724 – Removed flash/html choice when creating a map with drag and drop.
  13. CVP-4726 – Creating a new map should publish to default path everytime.
  14. CVP-4788 – Changes made on server layers Server-side should be handled properly on the Publisher side.
  15. CVP-4824 – Removed ‘format’ field from layer properties for HTML maps only.
  16. CVP-4834 – Updated Tile Provider URL for IGN.
  17. CVP-4876 – Define blend mode multiply as default blend mode on polygon layer.
  18. CVP-4889 – Locating a DB3 layer from CTM now supported.
  19. CVP-4918 – Removed option ‘Publish Simplified Configuration File’ from preference.
  20. CVP-4960 – Improved error message in case of invalid license.
  21. CVP-4963 – SUPPORT-372 – Changed all data-cv-attribute to lowercase.


  1. CVP-2449 – SUPPORT-217 – Packaged map cannot publish because of image point file missing.
  2. CVP-3646 – Montserrat Font does not get published in HTML.
  3. CVP-3994 – Temp folder settings still in publish options if error happens in Theme Configuration Window.
  4. CVP-4023 – Some annotations with specific fonts do not show properly.
  5. CVP-4062 – Wrong identification of new style classes in the layer control.
  6. CVP-4068 – Cannot xlsx file.
  7. CVP-4074 – Output image not correctly georeferenced.
  8. CVP-4112 – SUPPORT-134 – SUPPORT-138 – HTML Map Data Attribute get mixed when table not packed.
  9. CVP-4165 – Problems when relocating a layer with Auto-Generate ID set on.
  10. CVP-4263 – Cannot use a cvm with theme sets after converting it from html to flash.
  11. CVP-4271 – Fatal error accessing the print template dialog and theme configuration dialog.
  12. CVP-4296 – Data table url still report .xml even if file is published in the new json format.
  13. CVP-4339 – CoordSys error when trying to localize SHX file.
  14. CVP-4364 – Packaging a CTM do not export all the Fonts in use.
  15. CVP-4373 – SUPPORT-205 – Publishing map get stuck at 19% because of woff font creation.
  16. CVP-4547 – SUPPORT-252 – All Viewer Keys were lost when updating the Publisher.
  17. CVP-4549 –  SUPPORT-219 – SUPPORT-253 – Saving Coordsys File throws error and prevents Publisher from starting again.
  18. CVP-4586 – Publisher shall not generate json files for vector server layers.
  19. CVP-4589 – Data table format option not visible when accessing Data Publisher the first time.
  20. CVP-4615 – Removing a map source from the Map Source manager removes all other occurence of the same map file.
  21. CVP-4646 – Publishing Mapinfo annotations sometimes gives Task cancelled Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.
  22. CVP-4652 – Problem publishing ESRI Personal GeoDatabase mdb in HTML.
  23. CVP-4661 – SUPPORT-294 – Geocode Tool is not keeping the lat long precision in the data table.
  24. CVP-4663 – SQL server layer fails to load thematics configuration window.
  25. CVP-4665 – Wrong icons used in the data sources – database.
  26. CVP-4686 – JPG2000 images cannot be tiled.
  27. CVP-4705 – Personal Geodatase cause the Renderer to crash.
  28. CVP-4723 – SUPPORT-214 – SUPPORT-219 – SUPPORT-318 – Corrupted CoordinateSystemLib.cvpCSYSLib prevents theing of the Publisher.
  29. CVP-4745 – Thumbnail snapshot/capture is empty/blank.
  30. CVP-4753 – File GDB format is not working properly in the Publisher.
  31. CVP-4759 – Processes still running after closing application.
  32. CVP-4761 – Requesting server layer’s field value for style classes throws error.
  33. CVP-4769 – WMS layer properties :  ampersand not supported.
  34. CVP-4796 – List of portal layers in the map file source manager does not show sources that have the same name on the portal.
  35. CVP-4811 – PortalMapFileLibrary.cvpMapFileLib gets corrupted.
  36. CVP-4820 – Thumbnail, theme configuration and print configuration dialogs should not be resizable under Viewer responsive threshold.
  37. CVP-4863 – Updating server layer on a CVM lost all the data/interactivity.
  38. CVP-4866 – Map does not load if window is resized in Theme Configuration.
  39. CVP-4869 – SUPPORT-316 – Cannot browse data when a data column is of type long integer.
  40. CVP-4881 – SUPPORT-364 – Accentuated letter from shapefile not displayed within the Publisher.
  41. CVP-4888 – Package zip of a map seems to contain twice the gis layer.
  42. CVP-4897 – SQL Server layer does not show french characters properly in the datatip/info in the Viewer.
  43. CVP-4903 – Map source manager should by default on first Publisher installation.
  44. CVP-4906 – SUPPORT-367 – SQL Server layer failed to have working thematic data.
  45. CVP-4914 – Cannot apply multiple style to a db3 file from the map source manager.
  46. CVP-4917 – Impossible to load a MDB.
  47. CVP-4937 – Impossible to load CSV file in Data Source Manager.
  48. CVP-4957 – WMS publication error.
  49. CVP-4975 – Deleting layers does not remove themeset / themes / data view categories associated to them.