Version 5.6.0



  1. Territory Manager.


  1. Vector server layers.
  2. Microsoft Bing search geolocalization bar.
  3. New JSON data format for thematic data. Greatly improved loading time.
  4. WMS layers now visible in the legend as an image.
  5. Renderer now supports various polyline stroke line cap and polyline stroke line join.
  6. Information view now supports options to display the decimal and DMS coordinates.
  7. Print layout:
    • Capability of adding charts.
    • Users can now set text boxes’ background as transparent.
    • New tools to bring to front and send to back all printable components.
  8. Documentation in Portuguese.


  1. Improved significantly the search view algorithm.
  2. No rollover on the data grid when doing a rollover on the header.
  3. Info pan tool map icon is now the normal arrow instead of hand icon.
  4. Data grid in data view now have tooltip on header.
  5. Improved interactivity responsivness on charts in IE/Edge.
  6. Improved rendering speed when multiple layers have same zoom layering.
  7. Change behavior of annotation drawing tool: clicking outside of an newly created annotation feature now creates it instead of deleting it.
  8. Map tweening between large distance is now improved (avoid loading too many tiles).
  9. Print Layout:
    • Title now includes the current theme set title.
    • Reorganized print layout toolbar.
    • Minimum text box size now fits the text.
  10. Improved alignments of: 
    • Spatial intersection tool drop-downs. 
    • Selection menu tool. 
    • Drawing panel.  
    • Legend titles background color.
  11. Nodes are now rendered for shape defined with the area tool calculator.
  12. Default rollover effect on image points is now applied when no rollover image specified.


  1. Fixed selection of text in information view.
  2. Fixed problem in print layout when the font name or font size were not selected in their corresponding dropdown.
  3. Fixed Layer alignment problem when tile layer is not visible by default and there is a minScale or maxScale.
  4. Fixed problem with clusters not updating in the map when turning off style classes.
  5. Fixed color rendering on clusters when only one feature in the cluster.
  6. Fixed interactivity problems with donut holes in polygons.
  7. Fixed a bug in data collections where the index was not deleted when removing a column.
  8. Fixed problem of selection stroke not always refreshed on map.
  9. Fixed problem in Mobile (responsive) mode:
    • TileCache layer now loads properly.
    • Scrolling in layer control now works. 
    • Datatip staying on map when doing an info.  
    • Fixed problem of two fingers pinch zooming the page instead of the map in mobile mode.
  10. In the Publisher Theme configuration dialog, configurations made on N/A Values in a theme set are now saved.
  11. Fixed problem of feature styles not reset when filter cleared. 
  12. Fixed problems on points when applying a rotation on symbol point features: 
    • Layer positionning.
    • Datatip, rollOver and info now working. 
    • Rotation now applied to stroke image and selection color.
  13. Hyperlink tool now working when clustering is activated.
  14. Fixed problem when searching on a column of a layer that had data filter on another column. 
  15. Fixed rendering problem with dashed stroke style not rendered properly when stroke width was greater than 1. 
  16. Fixed problem with cached query not being executed when the initial query was not yet completed. 
  17. Fixed data tip error on individual points of a layer with clustering. 
  18. Fixed problem in print layout when text box selected was over the map. 
  19. Http link inside html tag are not linkified anymore. 
  20. Highlighted legend class are not highlighted anymore in print layout. 
  21. Labelling now updates when clustering visibility is changed. 
  22. Not visible layer does not appear anymore when panning or zooming. 
  23. Fixed rendering problem in legend with symbols being cropped. 
  24. Fixed rendering problem with point layer when turning visibility when clustering was enabled after map loaded.


  1. Deprecated LayerSelectionChangedEvent.selectedFeatures and created LayerSelectionChangedEvent.selectedFeatureIds.
  2. Print layout font list now merge with base url.
  3. Localization.js can now be used by SDK project.
  4. Two new attributes on CartoVista div: class and data-cv-roles. Ex: <div class=”cartoVista” data-cv-role=”cartoVista” …>.
  5. ExternalInterface.getDrawingLayerSelectedFeatures() returns all features of the drawing layer, not only the selected ones.
  6. Moved following classes:
    • cartovista\common\CanvasUtil.js
    • cartovista\common\DBxClass.js 
    • cartovista\common\DiacriticsRemovalMap.js 
    • cartovista\common\DomEventListener.js 
    • cartovista\common\DomUtil.js 
    • cartovista\common\Guid.js 
    • cartovista\common\HttpUtil.js 
    • cartovista\common\Metrics.js 
    • cartovista\common\Point.js 
    • cartovista\common\Polyfill.js 
    • cartovista\common\QueryString.js 
    • cartovista\common\requireJsPackage.js 
    • cartovista\common\RGBA.js 
    • cartovista\common\StringUtil.js 
    • cartovista\common\TouchUtil.js 
    • cartovista\common\UIUtil.js 
    • cartovista\common\Util.js
    • cartovista\common\Vector.js



  1. Print from landscape now supports full page.



  1. Vector Server Layers Support.
  2. Spatialite Map Sources.
  3. New Licensing System.
  4. New Map Rendering System (allows for ESC to abort drawing).


  1. Clustering Options improved.
  2. Allow transparent backgrounds for fill patterns.
  3. Outputting WMS GetLegendGraphic info.
  4. Tile Window has more levels available in drop down.


  1. Fixed issue when removing Data Table was taking too long.
  2. Fixed error occurring when opening File .gdb file.
  3. Fixed error occurring when manual IDs were set by user in themeset config file.