Version 5.5.1



  1. Data panel now switch automatically to data view when selection is cleared.
  2. New individual value thematic options: Show individual values with zero count.


  1. Fixed problem with drawing annotations not restored in web portal.
  2. Fixed problem with chart containers saved in themeset. Charts were not deleted when switching from a theme set that had two themes to another that had also two themes.
  3. Fixed problem of selection menu being displayed under right side panel.
  4. Fixed problem with server layer on map load not computing the default themeset.
  5. Labels now properly works when clusters are activated.
  6. Fixed problem of print layout text editor staying visible when clicking outside.
  7. Spatial intersection now properly activated when polygon layer is selected.
  8. CartoVista now loading in Firefox 44 and below (down to version 18). 
  9. Fixed problem of blurry line patterns categories in the legend.
  10. Fixed problem with cluster when center point feature symbolizer was of type image.
  11. Fixed problem when clicking on edit node when there was another drawn feature under. Now it enters in edit mode.
  12. Fixed visibility problem with feature created with drawing tools.
  13. Fixed problem with lock icon displayed when data column was disabled in multiple data treeviews.
  14. Fixed labelling position on layer with drop shadow.
  15. Fixed labelling position on layer with outer glow.
  16. Fixed labelling position when style class drop shadow or halo is applied.
  17. Fixed an issue in the print layout when defining a text from the bottom right corner to the top left corner.
  18. Fixed issue with theme configuration dialog not saving graduated theme min/max values.
  19. Fixed issue with legend heat map theme not displayed in very specific cases.
  20. Fixed problem with legend heat map theme that had no min max information.
  21. Fixed layer control CSS problem (sometime, one layer had a dark blue background).
  22. Fixed issue with selection shift removing features from the current selection. It now only adds features that were not in the selection.
  23. Fixed problem in responsive mode with panels that had a space between the panel and the bottom bar.
  24. Fixed problem of data tip individual points when layer clustering had clustering enabled.
  25. Drawing tool now prevents creation of ellipses or rectangles by simple click. When resizing, shape cannot take size 0.
  26. Fixed problem of white Halo on symbol shapes in specific cases.
  27. Fixed problem of selection effect not rendered on image point when stroke image was set.
  28. Fixed problem with ellipsis in print layout text components. When entering edition mode, ellipsoid disappears. 
  29. Drawing tools: fixed rollover effect on selected feature 
  30. Labelling options allowing duplicates and overlaps are now working.
  31. Disabled blending between features of the same layer. ‘See through feature’ effect is now achieve by setting alpha before features are drawn.
  32. Fixed problem when printing the map containing a tile layer that use a proxy to avoid CORS. 
  33. Fixed problem where labels where still visible even if their style class was not.
  34. Fixed bug where label where not refreshed when changing data filters on the layer.
  35. Info view list now shows features names instead of features ids when clustering is activated.
  36. Fixed problem with search view sometimes having more than one layer selected.


  1. Print layout now properly displays on smaller screen.
  2. Print layout resizing image now behave the same as in Microsoft Word.
  3. Print layout ellipsis are now hidden when editing text.
  4. Filter checkbox menu now show localized N/A instead of null.
  5. Uniformise the layer control stars behaviors.
  6. Single click or drawing a shape outside all features will replace the current selection if shift or ctrl is no pressed, and will append if shift or ctrl is.
  7. Updating a drawn feature now updates automatically the data view.
  8. Layer opacity is now multiply to style alpha to get the real alpha value.
  9. When bottom or right panels are empty, viewer now remove the spacing so the map can be taller or wider.
  10. Info view list now shows features names instead of features ids when clustering is activated. 


  1. New data-cv-attribute in template to disable map scroll zoom if map doesn’t have focus.
  2. Changed InteractiveLayer.getFeaturesByPoint and VectorSource.getFeaturesByPoint so that it does not return filteredOut and invisible features and uses the maxCount.
  3. Layer.removeFeatures now deselect the features on the layer when removing them from the layer.
  4. Improvements to SDK to interact with events related to the drawings and editions of features.
    • Added event when deleting a node of a feature
    • Send event only when property changed to avoid unwanted events dispatched
    • InteractiveLayer.drawingFeatures is now an array of feature instead of feature ids string



1.     Fixed alpha not being applied to server layer.



  1. Expand tile generator to support zoom levels 20-23
  2. Fix for Lat/Long points in LCC map with large max extent