Version 5.0.2



  1. Metadata panel is now visible in the viewer.
  2. Pixel collision labeling is now detected.


  1. Charts are now updated when active theme is changed.
  2. The size of graduated symbols in the legend is now correct
  3. Bar charts are now centered on the feature centroid.
  4. Opening the color picker is now working properly.
  5. Selection tools now work with the ctrl key.


  1. Automatic labeling is improved.
  2. Various selection effect sizes are now available on point layer.
  3. A faster inertia panning effect.
  4. New option is available on the cartovista HTML tag to disable the auto hide transition.
  5. cartovista.custom.css has been renamed to cartovistaviewer.css.


  1. Changed Microsoft Bing tile urls to https.



  1. Indicator Table IDs (and URLs) are now unique to the whole map.
  2. Dragging a Tile Layer to an existing Map Window now shows the Tile Layer Added dialog once (instead of twice).
  3. Adding or changing layers and their order using the layer selection dialog no longer removes existing themesets and data tables.


  1. Additional errors logged in Event Viewer and Trace Log and error messages are improved when encountering errors creating a Data Table in the Data Publisher or missing a source column.
  2. Error message improved when a tile layer cannot be added to a Map Window.
  3. Data table URL is now not editable.
  4. Data table URL for NEW indicator tables will now use the ID to create the URL (ThematicData/<ID>.xml).
  5. The URL is automatically updated for new data tables when changing ID.
  6. Now restricting Map Identifiers to alpha, numeric and underscore characters only.
  7. A new warning is displayed when opening an old CVM with invalid characters (which are changed to “_”).
  8. When changing the layer property’s label column from “None” to any other column, labels are automatically set visible.
  9. A logging control option has been added to the Preferences dialog (OFF by default).
  10. Tile providers only show up once in the layer properties dialog, to avoid adding them several times.
  11. It is possible to drag a WMS layer from a Map Window into the Map Source Manager to create a new WMS Map Source.
  12. The full output file path (.swf or .html) is now checked that it is less than 260 characters. If the map already has an identifier that is too long (i.e. made with a previous version of the Publisher) the user is alerted when the Publish Options dialog is opened, and the map identifier is cleared while the output path is set to the default.
  13. Removed the “Disable WMS rendering” checkbox from program Map Window Preferences. (This feature was added in 5.0.1)
  14. Data publishing is now impossible when any indicator source file is missing.
  15. WMS layers are now displayed in the Map Window even when proxies are involved in the request.
  16. Metadata notices are available for HTML maps.
  17. Publishing a map with both annotation tools and server layers now does not generate an error message.