CartoVista Server 5.6

The CartoVista Server is an application where you can easily deploy, organize and secure your maps and data. Here is an overview of its different features.

CartoVista Portal

Portal Module: Maps

The Portal Module is available to view the Maps in Gallery or List view. You can easily find a map by sorting the view by title, author, creation date, modified date or keywords.


The thumbnails displayed in the CartoVista Portal can be edited using the CartoVista Publisher, in a map window under the Publish Options menu. 

Publish Options

You can add a map to the CartoVista Portal by uploading a zip file that contains the output folder of the map, or by publishing directly to the Web Portal from the CartoVista Publisher. 


When you have selected a map, the map summary is displayed, including information about the author, the creation date, modified date, keywords, URL and map ID. From the map summary, you can delete, view or modify the map. You can modify the following properties of the map: files, title, access rights and keywords.

Map summary


When you are viewing a map, the Save button is available to let each user save their own session of the map. The following settings are saved: current map view, layers’ visibility, thematic analyses settings, annotations and drawings. 

save session

The next time you will view the map, a prompt will allow you to choose between the original version of the map or the version that with your customizations.


Territory Manager Module

A new module is available to create and manage territories. You can select areas from a layer available in the map (municipalities layer, census subdivisions, etc…). A tool enables you to merge the selected areas and create a new polygon. The use of thematic data helps you identify the areas you want to merge together.

Territory Management

The layer including the areas is interactive and thematic data is available. Using the CartoVista selection tools, you will see this data summed up at the territory level in the right-side panel. After creating your territory, you will be able to add or remove areas to reach your target.


All CartoVista Viewer tools are available with this panel to help managing those territories.

Data Services Module: Server Layers

The Server Layers tab is used to add, sort and delete server layers. Adding a server layer requires a zip file including the map file. Server layers allows you to create maps with layers that contain large volume of data. 


If the server layer is a point layer, it is also possible to generate clusters on the server, which improves the CartoVista’s performance when using this layer.


Server layers are found in the Server Maps section of the CartoVista Publisher’s Map Sources Manager. These layers can only be used in an HTML map window.

Server Layer Publisher


The Tiles tab is used to view, sort and delete tile providers.


The CartoVista Publisher is used to add or update tile providers in the CartoVista Server. When in the Generate Tiles window, change the Output Format type to “Web Portal” to create tiles on the CartoVista Server.


Tile Providers can be added to the Tile Providers section of the CartoVista Publisher’s Map Sources Manager

add title


The Users tab is used to add and delete users and groups as well as manage their access rights. 

Users table

You can modify a user to include them in multiple groups, as well as modify a group to include multiple users.



The Statistics tab displays information about all actions performed in the CartoVista Server by each user, such as adding, editing or viewing maps.


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