Unleash Real-Time Insights with CartoVista Live Map Data: Empower Decision Making and Collaboration

CartoVista Live Data

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the ability to make informed decisions in real-time is paramount.

Introduced just a few months ago, CartoVista’s revolutionary live data feature empowers you to leverage live map data, fostering agile decision-making and effortless collaboration.

Let’s explore how this innovation can transform the way your business operate, backed by some compelling use cases.

Connect and Update on the Fly

CartoVista’s Live Data Stream bridges the gap between static maps and dynamic information by integrating live data updates.
Imagine tracking a fleet of vehicles or monitoring assets or project status. With real-time data flow, your maps become more than just visual aids—they transform into powerful decision-making tools.

Enabling Live Data

Getting started with live data is effortless. Just upload your data and toggle the “Live Data” switch in the data properties panel.

Data Panel - Live Data
Data Panel – Live Data

Any maps that integrate “live data” layers showcase a notification at the interface’s bottom, signifying the dataset’s dynamic nature—constantly updating as changes unfold.

Live Notice
Live Notice (in map)

Dynamic Data Changes – User-Driven and Automated Updates

Changes can first originate from end users modifying data in the platform UI.

Data Editing - Selecting feature to edit
Data Editing – Selecting feature to edit
Data Editing - Entering Data Values
Data Editing – Entering Data Values

Changes can also be seamlessly integrated through our versatile REST API, facilitating updates and the creation of new map features in real time.

For instance, this could involve an external Python Script or an ETL tool like FME that effortlessly updates map layers and associated data via standard web services. These automation scripts can either run on a set schedule or be activated by specific actions, offering you flexibility and control over how you streamline your processes.

Sample ETL - FME Process
Sample ETL – FME Process

Real-Time Insights for Strategic Advantage

CartoVista isn’t just about maps; it’s about tapping into actionable insights. By linking to operational data from IoT devices, assets, or vehicles, you gain real-time insights. For instance, optimize delivery routes by tracking traffic congestion, or adjust inventory levels based on live demand signals.

iot smart city

Stay Informed with Instant Notifications

Gone are the days of guessing when data changes occur. With CartoVista’s Update Notifications, you’ll receive user-friendly alerts the moment updates take place right in the map. Be it sudden shifts in market trends or alterations in field conditions, you’ll always be in the loop, ready to respond effectively.

The following is a typical use case of a simple map that shows development projects that are planned for a municipal district.

Plateau Ward Projects
Plateau Ward Projects

The map shows the projects using icons (project type) and color (project status).

Plateau Ward Projects Legend
Plateau Ward Projects Legend

See it in Action !

With live data, users receive timely updates on project changes. When changes occur in the project data, end users are alerted right in the map. Same goes for new projects additions or deletions.

Team Collaboration with Precision

Collaboration is key, especially when handling complex datasets. CartoVista’s Live Data Update and Collaboration feature ensures seamless teamwork. Imagine editing shared datasets with your team and witnessing changes in real-time.
This isn’t just data collaboration—it’s instant synchronization, making teamwork more efficient than ever.

The following example outlines how team member can witness the changes that are happening in a map. As a map creator is adding a new layer in the map, other users are notified of the changes and also see it in real time.

Other Use Case and Examples

Unlock the potential of real-time updates: Transform your experience across your own use cases.

Environmental monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Keep tabs on pollution levels, weather changes, and other critical environmental factors. React swiftly to ensure safety and compliance.

Fleet management

Fleet Management

Monitor your fleet's movements in real-time, optimizing routes and resource allocation on-the-fly. With live traffic updates, you can plan to navigate around unexpected obstacles.

Supply Chain Agility

Supply Chain Agility

Integrate real-time data from suppliers, warehouses, and transportation to ensure a seamless and responsive supply chain, adapting to changing demands.

Retail optimization

Retail Optimization

Adjust marketing strategies based on real-time foot traffic data, ensuring that promotions hit their target audience when it matters most.

CartoVista’s Live Data Stream revolutionizes the way you engage with data. No longer bound by static snapshots, you can now make decisions, collaborate, and strategize with the advantage of real-time insights. Step into a new era of business efficiency and collaboration by embracing the dynamic capabilities of live map data with CartoVista.

Ready to experience the transformation for yourself? Try CartoVista’s Live Data free of charge with a trial and witness the impact of real-time insights firsthand. Elevate your decision-making and collaboration today!