Real-Time Fires Map

The past few months have been marked by devastating fires around the world. Whether in the Amazon, the forests of British Columbia, around the Mediterranean, or in Indonesia, these fires are a reminder of global warming. While summer is the season for camping, we must remain extremely vigilant to protect the natural areas we love. That’s why CartoVista decided to create this map on real-time fires around the world. Through a very elaborate process and with public data from NASA, CartoVista has created a map on real-time fires that is structured around 3 themes:

Fires in the last 24 hours

This map shows all the fires that have occurred in the last 24 hours, using red dots.

Hotspots in the last 24 hours in protected areas 

This theme focuses on fires and protected areas in the world (primary forests, national parks etc.). The fires are represented here by yellow dots.

Fire hotspots by country

This visualizes fires by country with a colour range that shows the number of fires per km², and circles that show the total number of fires in the hotspots. 

We hope that this map will interest you!