Use sophisticated thematic analysis tools

CartoVista excels in the art of displaying data using color, size, symbols, patterns, etc. on the fly. It includes more than 16 types of thematic analyses you can choose from and customize with the legend to represent your data effectively.

Thematic analysis for point, lines or polygon layers

In a classic thematic map, polygons on the map are color-coded based on the attached data. With CartoVista, you are not limited to polygon layers, but you can also add lines and point layers to the mix.

Thematic Analysis for Point, Line or Polygon Layers

16 types of thematic analyses

The table below outlines some of the possibilities CartoVista offers to represent your data. Each of those themes can be customized easily.

Types of Thematic Analyses

Change the parameters

You can give your users the ability to change any of the thematic analysis parameters on the fly. Changing the parameters can be done just using the legend control in the CartoVista viewer.

Change Parameters

Allow end users to choose from several themes

You can package several thematic analyses in drop-down menus to make it easy for your end users to access a theme and change what is displayed.

Choose From Several Themes

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