Manage large GIS datasets

Upload large GIS layers (millions of records) and share them across different maps. Link attribute information (Excel, etc.) to your large datasets.

Make large GIS data accessible

With the CartoVista Server, you can create map layers that can contain millions of features. You can transform your complex and inaccessible data into simple representations that can be shared on the web.

Make Large GIS Data Accessible

Easily upload large datasets

The CartoVista web interface makes it easy to send large map layers. As your files are uploaded, you get live notifications on your progress directly in your web browser.

Easily Upload Large Datasets

Manage server layers

The data tab in the CartoVista server allows you to manage the list of server layers available.

Manage Server Layers

Several actions are available, such as:

  • View/sort by name, type, records, author & creation date

  • Update/delete

  • Download data (ESRI Shape .shp)

  • Link data

Browse and setup data columns

Browse the server layer data and set the data column properties (title, type, etc.) with ease.

Browse and Setup Data Columns

Setup data permissions

Define permissions for accessing the map layer data. Setup which users/groups should be able to access it.

Upload Microsoft Excel and link to layer

Upload your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and link them to a server layer using a column (key).

Upload Microsoft Excel and Link to Layers

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