Enhance your team collaboration

Enable users to save and share their sessions. Share maps on social media or embed them on a website. Create impressive PDF print outputs.

Save and share your map sessions

Name and save your map session so that you can retrieve it easily later or share it with your colleagues.

The following items are saved in a map session: 

  • Current view (map extent)

  • Custom thematic analysis (theme sets)

  • Layer visibility, opacity and labeling options

  • Legend settings (color palette, number of ranges etc.)

  • Annotations and drawings

  • Filters in the data tables

  • Selected records (selection)

Share by email or social media

Use the social media tools to share your map by email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Embed a map on your web site

You can embed CartoVista maps in your website by copying only a few lines of HTML code.

Create great PDF print outputs

Integrate your company logo and create an appropriate print layout that can easily be exported to Adobe PDF format.

  • Insert Items (image, chart, text, legend, metadata, title, date, etc.)

  • Paper Size and Orientation

  • Select and Edit Items

  • Manage multiple pages

Print Layout Tools

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