Easily navigate and configure map information

Benefit from advanced map tools to navigate and query the map efficiently. Configure/change which fields are displayed in table and information views.

Navigation and measurement tools

The CartoVista Publisher includes simple options to define which tools should be enabled in your map. End users can seamlessly navigate the map with useful tools or use their mouse or keyboard.
Navigation Measurement Tools

Options include: 

  • Initial Extents

  • Zoom In

  • Zoom Out

  • Pan

  • Previous View

  • Next View

  • Ruler

  • Area calculator

Selection tools

Advanced selection tools are available to narrow down your analysis and focus on a subset of data. You can also use the Ctrl/Shift keyboard keys to add or subtract from your selection.

Selection tools consist of:


  • Simple Selection

  • Circular Selection

  • Rectangular Selection

  • Polygonal Selection

  • Unselect All

  • In addition to the selection tools of the map toolbar, you can also select features from the data table or the map legend.

Selection Tools

Map querying

The information (identify) tool can get information for all the features intersecting with a location on the map. An icon is displayed on the map to identify the location, and the details are displayed in the information panel.

Map Querying

Customizable tabular views

The columns displayed in the data table and info views can be configured easily in the CartoVista viewer.

Customizable Tabular Views

Other map user interface controls

The CartoVista Publisher includes several additional options to define which user interface controls should be enabled for the user:

Map User Interface Controls
  • Toolbars

  • Zoom bar

  • Scalebar

  • Map notices

  • Metadata

  • Overview map

  • North arrow

  • Etc.

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