Enable dynamic end user map styling

Stop creating static content. Give your end users the ability to change ranges, colors or even create their own thematic analyses. Giving them the ability to “self-serve” reduces the number of maps you need to create or modify.

Change the parameters, dynamically

You can give your users the ability to change any of the thematic analysis parameters on the fly. When you change one of the parameters, the map is updated almost instantly.

Change Thematic Analysis Parameters

Powerful legend

The thematic analysis options are intuitive and are available from the legend in CartoVista. Changing the parameters can be done readily in the settings menu (gear).

Powerful Legend

Rich set of thematic options

Depending on the thematic analysis displayed, the CartoVista viewer offers all the options to customize the theme efficiently:

Rich Set of Thematic Options
  • Number of ranges

  • Calculation methods

  • Graduation methods

  • Colors, symbols, patterns

  • Min/Max

  • Values

  • Etc.

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