Create atlas-quality base maps

Create distinctive tiled base maps that give your application a different look and feel. Benefit from a high level of cartographic flexibility (labelling, etc.).

Custom base map design

The CartoVista Publisher tile module offers the capacity to package a multitude of map layers into your own custom tile base map. Using your GIS data layers (vector or raster), you can create your own tile maps with advanced cartographic styles.

Custom Base Map Design

Cartographic design flexibility

The publisher tile module also features advanced labeling parameters and extended styles to let you create atlas quality base maps.

For example, the following options are available for your layers: 

  • Rich symbol, fill, stroke and font styles

  • Creative effects: Drop shadows, inner and outer glows

  • Precise blend mode and opacity control

  • Advanced labeling options 

    • Priority (from 1 to 10)

    • Automatic positioning

    • Text on a path (curved labeling)

    • Etc. 

Seamless Map Navigation

CartoVista base maps are composed of pre-generated tile images, making them very responsive when zooming and panning. When navigating with the mouse and re-centering the map, the surrounding map tiles are already loaded in memory which enables smooth panning for end users.

Seamless Map Navigation

Multiple Tile Map Background

Multiple tile providers can be integrated into a tile layer to offer the capabilities of changing the provider from the interface (in the layer control). For example, the end user can switch to an aerial view or satellite view.

Multiple Tile Map Background

Low Server Resource Consumption

Low Server Resource Consumption

When compared with a traditional mapping server that generated an image on every map click, a tiled map background drastically reduces the use of your server bandwidth. Since the web server only sends existing map images, the application uses a minimum of resources, optimizing the availability of your web server for other processes. 

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