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Manage your point of sales territories and explore business potential with all the power of CartoVista

CartoVista’s Territory Manager is your geomarketing tool of choice when it comes to expanding your franchise network and being more efficient in your prospecting. It allows teams to freely explore sales potential and see how realities support business decisions. Territory Manager allows you to create balanced territories using your own business information combined with key market data (demographics, industry, competition, etc.) Prepare compelling market reports for the franchises in your network.

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Initiate with ease

You have a list of point of sales (pos) in an Excel or csv file?  This is all you need to get started.

The territory manager comes with the most recent census data of your country presented in an easy to use interface. 

Census data along with drive time or drive distance analysis allows to easily find out how many customers are within a certain driving distance or time of your point of sales.

Go further and add your point of sales data and clearly see where sales are coming from and how your sales locations and trade areas are aligned with your customers.     

Understand your primary market areas

Create balanced territories and understand where sales should be coming from.

CartoVista’s Territory Manager allows to define several market zones with their respective targets.  When combined with actual data you can see how your targets are met.  

Edit your territory
Analyze distances

Analyze distances

In many cases a business strives because of external factors, see how these play for you.

The Territory Manager allows to understand how close you are from key points of interest (POI) for your business.

Integrate data from your competitors, friendly or complementary businesses and see how your point of sales locations are meeting what you know works.

Get detailed report to better understand your markets.  

Analyze your business potential with multiple variables

Create weighted scores from multiple variables that are representing your customers.

Using CartoVista’s Composite Variable Scoring capabilities, create scores that help ranking business potential of a given area. 

Wealth, age group and education are key characteristics of your typical clients?  Create a score in seconds and see where these customers are.    

Easily visualize where your business should strive and where challenges can be explained.  

Composite Scoring for Territory Management
Share your analysis

Collaborate & Share

Stop sending each other’s PDF, instead collaborate online, share results with your team easily.

Territory management is serious business. Involve your peers and grant them the power to explore and modify your analysis or to view only. 


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Sylvain St. Germain

Product Owner

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