CartoVista Publisher

Publish your data easily with interactive maps.

Create high quality maps from your existing GIS data in just a few seconds. Configure your indicators and publish them for use with the CartoVista Viewer.

Connect to existing GIS data and Relational Databases


You invested time and money in your own data. The CartoVista Publisher is designed to leverage those assets without reinventing the wheel.

  • Leverage existing GIS data in common formats (e.g. ESRI ShapeFile, MapInfo tables)
  • Connect to corporate spatial data in Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Integrate one or more existing map tile providers (e.g. Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, Open Street Map, CartoVista)

Enjoy Complete Cartographic Design Freedom


An interactive map is worth a million words: Transform your GIS data into interactive visual content.

  • Define an unlimited number of interactive layers
  • Create a customized look and feel for your maps with reusable styles
  • Use advanced styling options for your layers (e.g. drop shadows, outer glow, inner glow)
  • Precisely control map labeling and rendering (e.g. label priority, blend mode, opacity)

Easily Configure the Map Interface and the Layers’ Interactivity


Present content to your users that perfectly fits their needs, streamline their work.

CartoVista-Publisher-map interface
  • Define impressive map layer interactions such as data-tips / rollovers, selection and info views
  • Configure the layer visibility and label settings
  • Easily customize options for the map interface (e.g. menus, tools)

Define Rich Thematic Views for Analysis


Prepare impressive visual content that showcases the data and gives you an edge.

  • Build colorful thematic analysis (e.g. range of values, graduated, pie charts) to make your data talk
  • Organize your analyses into categories, for a user friendly presentation

Create High Quality Map Tiles


Add a personal touch to your maps by designing your own base map in your own motif.

  • Create your own publication quality map tiles
  • Generate outputs at high speed on your own workstation
  • Deploy your map tiles to a web server or in a SQLite file for use with web and mobile applications

Efficiently Deploy Web-Ready Interactive Outputs for your audience


Leverage the power of HTML5.

  • Publish your maps in a few seconds
  • Deploy your maps on any web server by simply copying files
  • Reach an unlimited number of web users without worrying about performance

The CartoVista Publisher in Action

From GIS data to the web.

The CartoVista Publisher is a Windows desktop application that allows content managers to create and maintain the maps and data that will be displayed with the CartoVista Viewer.  The CartoVista Publisher is easy to use and designed for anybody; GIS professionals, cartographers, IT specialists, data analysts and marketing specialists.


Unique graphic quality.

The CartoVista Publisher includes advanced tools to build your maps and set their styles with proper cartographic representation.  It includes many options to help you build atlas-quality outputs and manage the look and feel of your maps.

Rich rendering options.

The CartoVista Publisher includes a comprehensive map layer settings control to set the rendering of your map features. Re-usable style and map file libraries allow you to setup templates that can be used to quickly publish relevant data for your business. 

The Publisher allows you to set the following options for your map:

  • Map settings (e.g. Title, size, background color)
  • General layer settings (e.g. Visibility, opacity, blend mode).
  • Feature classes and styles (e.g. Color, fill, symbol, stroke, pattern)
  • Advanced labelling settings (e.g. Field, position, text, color, font, priority, duplicates)
  • Visibility ranges (Zoom layering / layer minimum and maximum scale)
Rich Rendering Options
Easily Setup Interactivity_Parameters

Easily setup the interactivity parameters of your map layers

The CartoVista Publisher has a simple interface to setup your interactive layers and configure how they are displayed in the CartoVista Viewer. The following properties allow you to customize the interaction of each of your map layers:

  • Feature attributes
  • Unique identifiers
  • Hyperlinks
  • Rollover fill and stroke color
  • Data tips display
  • Info tool display
  • Searchable attributes

CartoVista Viewer and Thematic Configuration.

The CartoVista Publisher assists you in includes a dialog that allows to configuring the themes that are displayed when the map loads as well as the elements of the CartoVista Viewer interface.

CartoVista Viewer - Thematic Configurationviwer_Thematic_configuration



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