CartoVista Viewer

  • Easily visualize your data using interactive maps.

The CartoVista Viewer is at the center of our solution. You can use it to examine your data and create relevant analyses with just a few clicks. Designed with HTML5, the Viewer is fast and easy to use. 

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CartoVista Publisher

  • Easily publish your data using interactive maps.

Would you like to make maps quickly? Produce your own maps with styles to suit your needs! In just a few minutes you can create high quality interactive maps using GIS data and existing databases. The CartoVista Publisher offers you the ability to work effectively and autonomously at your own desk to maximize the effectiveness of your data.

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CartoVista SDK

  • Create custom web mapping applications.

For developers, the CartoVista SDK opens all the doors. Personalize CartoVista to the maximum, create new interfaces, develop multi-platform mobile versions, alter the map’s components: the only limit of the CartoVista SDK is your imagination.

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CartoVista Server

  • Optimize access to your interactive maps and leverage your big data.

Data Service Module

The Data Service Module allows you to manage big data and use it in the CartoVista Viewer without affecting interactivity. The Data Service Module enables connections to existing databases, allowing you to use your corporate data at source.

Portal Module

The Portal Module allows you to organize your mapping projects and to manage access to them. Your team can view your maps simply and safely.

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