Gatineau, March 13th 2017 – CartoVista is proud to announce the launch of the Canada C3 expedition’s interactive map. A Signature Project of Canada 150, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation, Canada C3 is a 150-day maritime expedition during which a ship will travel along all three of Canada’s coasts. The voyage starts from Toronto, Ontario and terminates in Victoria, British Columbia, punctuated with multiple stops along the way. The expedition’s mission is to celebrate and bring together the people of Canada, enabling them to discover the beauty of the nation

Canada C3 turned to CartoVista to build a major component of their project: the interactive map.  Thanks to CartoVista’s specialization in interactive web mapping and their powerful data visualization solution, CartoVista pulled out all the stops. With a rich background map, a colorful and a harmonious color palette, the inclusion of a database that allows for automatic map updates made this project a real success.

This collaboration with Canada C3 allowed CartoVista’s innovation to shine through, creating two unique high quality maps: an animated map showing the path of the expedition and an interactive map that allows visitors to explore Canada and the voyage.

The Canada C3 expedition maps created by CartoVista offer a rich interaction between the people and the geography of Canada. Each visitor can visually participate in the voyage of this unique maritime expedition while exploring the richness of our country.

To view the animated map, visit: and for the interactive map, visit:


Dany Bouchard,
President, CartoVista
(819) 772-2000 x21