Version 6.2.2



  1. CVV-3584 – New area tool measurement unit ‘acre’.
  2. CVV-3602 – Rollover data tip image size now configurable in the Publisher.


  1. CVV-3576 – SUPPORT-490 – WMS GetFeatureInfo should round the X,Y I,J values at its pixels.
  2. CVV-3601 – Legend – Pie chart theme representation now render with no fill color.
  3. CVV-3603 – Info view image size is now 100% of panel width.
  4. CVV-3604 – Changed info pan tool icon.
  5. CVV-3605 – Tile provider index of a tile layer is now saved in the themeset.
  6. WEBPORTAL-2496 – Number of records should be formatted in the detail view panel.
  7. WEBPORTAL-2501 – Tab key order not right when creating new user.


  1. CVV-1698 – SUPPORT-323 – SUPPORT-437 – Print layout download now supported on Safari/IE9 browsers via proxy service.
  2. CVV-3572 – On mobile, sometimes when you pan, the map image is dragged instead of getting the map to move.
  3. CVV-3573 – On mobile, when panning down, the browser refreshes the page.
  4. CVV-3587 – Datatip does not show up when moving mouse around.
  5. CVV-3591 – Selection by polygon (including circle and rectangle) returns not visible feature.
  6. CVV-3606 – WMS layer does not render when resized or panned while not visible and made visible again.
  7. CVV-3610 – Clicking on a button of the side bar closes the other half panel.
  8. CVV-3611 – On mobile, lots of flickering when panning on ios.
  9. WEBPORTAL-2491 – Customized login page does not override when in mobile.
  10. WEBPORTAL-2494 – Missing stats columns in edit mode of a territory.
  11. WEBPORTAL-2502 – Cannot save custom css login page.
  12. WEBPORTAL-2504 – When running installer on a second node, it should not failed because the db has already been updated.
  13. WEBPORTAL-2503 – When changing the style of a tenant, the email stored in CVWP_TenantEmail should take into account the new primary color.
  14. WEBPORTAL-2507 – Updating a layer resets its tiled property if the updated layer is under the limit.


  1. CVV-3297 – Add option to FeatureFactory to send absolute coordinates instead of relative ones.
  2. CVV-3516 – cv-nodes under FloatingWindows are not added to the master KendoUIController.cvNodes.
  3. CVV-3575 – SUPPORT-490 – WMS Parse and use Exceptions (with an s) parameters on GetMap and GetFeatureInfo.
  4. CVV-3577 – Setting a new style on a feature does not update the map.
  5. CVV-3578 – SDK Only: new fillStyle Image.
  6. CVV-3579 – SDK Only: new fillStyle Gradient_Linear.
  7. CVV-3580 – SDK Only: new fillStyle Gradient_Radial.
  8. CVV-3582 – FloatingWindow: About button blank and not working.
  9. CVV-3585 – Floating Windows: if no kendoExternalTemplate found, there should be a default template for the infoVewCustom.
  10. CVV-3586 – Floating Windows: We should be able to define a kendoExternalTemplate per layer for the InfoViewCustom.
  11. CVV-3590 – Floating Window FloatingThemeSet show a move cursor on the dropdown and top bar but can’t move it.


Le contenu de ces notes de mise à jour est disponible uniquement en anglais. Si vous avez des questions, contactez notre support technique, Notes de mise à jour pour la version 6.5.3 en anglais.

  1. CVP-5292 – New Viewer Configuration Property rollover image max width.


  1. CVP-5284 – Simplification properties should not be visible on server layers.


  1. CVP-5270 – Cannot set column group on server layer.
  2. CVP-5282 – WMS Exceptions format is causing problem for some server.
  3. CVP-5288 – Getting version incompatibility message when sending map to portal with matching versions.
  4. CVP-5290 – Accessible version has duplicated column.
  5. CVP-5291 – Fatal error when opening layer properties after the unique id column label has been changed on a server layer.