La Reine autour du Monde.

Queen Elizabeth II’s death characterized this month of September. Sovereign of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the other Commonwealth kingdoms for 70 years, the sovereign was known throughout the world and marked her century. The ceremonies were grandiose and in the measure of her reign. CartoVista decided to pay tribute to Elizabeth II by creating « this map » entitled « The Queen around the World.” This map is composed of 2 main themes.

Queen Elizabeth II

These first two themes focus on Queen Elizabeth II. A map analyzes all the visits made by the Queen around the world. She visited more than 160 countries during her reign. We have decided to combine state visits with visits to other Commonwealth kingdoms such as Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. You will be able to see the cities travelled by the Queen, but also the list of her hosts. The second theme looks at the state visits received by The Queen. This one focuses only on the visits of independent countries (without including the members of the Commonwealth). You will find the names of all the guests invited by the Queen, which gives an idea of the longevity of her reign.

King Charles III

The second theme concerns the new sovereign, Charles III, son of Elizabeth II. You will find all the visits made by the King (including cities and regions) while he was still Prince of Wales. Finally, the last theme shows you the kingdoms of the Commonwealth, whose sovereign is, therefore, Charles III. You will see all the kingdoms of the Commonwealth (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and others) and the countries that are no longer part of it (after the independence or simply after having decided to abolish the monarchy).


Royal UK