Carte sur les Jeux Olympiques d’Hiver

The Olympic Winter Games in Beijing will start with the traditional opening ceremony this Friday, February 4th. These winter events, scheduled every 4 years, bring together athletes from all over the world. From skiing to ice hockey, through biathlon, bobsleigh or figure skating, winter sports are at the center of the celebration. That’s why CartoVista has decided to prepare a special Winter Olympic Games map for this month of February. This one will be articulated around 3 main themes.

Beijing 2022

You will find here a reminder of the medals by country and the population per medal with different colour schemes and pie charts.

History of host cities

This theme, divided into 5 maps, shows the history of the host cities, with the logos and hyperlinks of all the editions of the Olympic Winter Games starting with the edition of Chamonix (France) in 1924 until the next events planned in Milan in 2026. You will find information on the number of athletes, the evolution of disciplines and competitions through time and even the number of countries that have participated in these games.

History of the medals

Finally, the theme on the history of medals allows you to visualize on the map, thanks to pie charts and different colour ranges, which countries have received the most distinctions and whether these medals are gold, silver, or bronze. We wish you to enjoy this edition of the Olympic Games in Beijing, may the best win!