Carte sur les exportations de pétrole.

As summits to protect the environment are held around the world, oil exports are always a good indicator of where countries stand in their efforts to combat global warming. This is the main topic of this map.

Regions of the US

This map shows the global oil exports from the 5 major US regions to the world over the last 3 years.
– East Coast,
– Gulf,
– Midwest
– Rockies,
– West Coast


Comparing the evolution of this trade is very interesting. Analyzing the economies that import US oil is also revealing from a geopolitical and environmental perspective.

With this map, if you click on one of the major U.S. regions, you will see the flow of oil exports around the world (in million barrels). However, if you click on an importing country, for example the United Kingdom, you will see the region of origin of the American oil purchased. It allows you to imagine the routes taken by oil tankers, for example.


The Washington Post