Carte de l’Espace

At CartoVista, we know that summer spending nights under the stars is a relaxing and entertaining activity. For July, we decided to prepare an original map that will allow you to have your head in the stars. We have mapped the sky to let you travel through the constellations, the stars, the planets and the Milky Way. This map is divided into three main themes:

The Space Map

Using Heather Gabriel Smith’s data, we created this original space map. You will find the sun and planets of our galaxy. Stars, constellations and asteroids are also represented, as well as other relevant information on the subject. Enjoy your space travel!

The Space Race

Because space is also linked to political rivalries between many countries on our planet, we decided to create a theme on this subject. You will find all the countries that have sent humans into space with a purple frame representing the date of the first space expedition. Photos of these astronauts are also available.

The Spaceports

You will also have the chance to get pictures and information about all the spaceports. You will learn which bases are still in use, what kind of launches are performed there and the approximate number of flights left from these bases.


Heather Gabriel Smith Vox