World Humanitarian Day Map

World Humanitarian Day is every August 19. It was created by the United Nations to commemorate the memory of humanitarian workers who have lost their lives trying to help people in distress in many countries around the world. That’s why CartoVista decided to create a map to join this cause. The map is divided into three main themes.

The Peacekeepers

Two main themes of the map focus on peacekeepers. The first one refers to the number of deaths of its members since 1948, the date of the creation of this peacekeeping force. The second focuses on the number of peacekeepers currently provided by each country.

People in need

The second part of this map shows the people in need in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. This part is also looking at the distribution of funds and donor countries.

Severity of the crises

Finally, the last part of this map uses various methods of calculating the crisis severity index, including geographic impact, the complexity of crises, conditions of local people, duration of conflicts, etc.