Version 7.4 – What’s New?

Our development team has been working very hard and they are pleased to introduce the latest features of CartoVista 7.4! Here is an overview of these new features, please feel free to contact us to tell us what you think.

Analyze raster data – compare raster profiles

Do you want to compare multiple time series data with raster profiles? It is now possible with CartoVista and it is very easy to do.

To do so, simply click on the drop-down menu to select the dates you are interested in and then click on “compare”. You will then have a new chart that will be updated with the selected data variables.

Check out our knowledge base to learn more about this very specific new feature here.


Analyze temporal vector data

This new feature allows you to integrate temporal data into your maps with vector layers. Link your temporal record table to your layer, and prepare a map to visualize the results:

  • Use the date selector to filter the data according to a given period. You will then be able to see on the map the maximum, minimum, average or sum value for each geographical entity according to the chosen period. The filter will impact what you see on the map, in the data table view and in the information tool.
  • Select a geographic entity to view its temporal evolution in a graph. Choose between an aggregated mode to see the evolution by year/month/day, or choose the individual mode to see all your records.

Read our knowledge base to learn more about this new feature by clicking here.


Manage raster data – resize your GeoTIFF RGB aerial imagery

Finally, here is an improvement that was long anticipated, the ability to resize your RGB GeoTIFF aerial imagery by cutting the cumulative count when importing your image.

To do so, you just have to click on this option when importing your image, nothing could be easier!

Do not hesitate to consult our knowledge base on this subject.

We hope that all these new features that come with CartoVista version 7.4 will satisfy you! And to tell you the truth, we are already working hard on our version 8 which will be full of surprises!