Valentine’s Day Map

February is for all of us the month of Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect time to have a romantic date with your partner (or close friends), to buy flowers, chocolates or go to a restaurant. And that’s why we wanted to create a special Valentine’s Day map! It’s pink, shiny, with hearts and glitter everywhere, in short, it’s totally cliché and that’s why we love it. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

Theme 1: Valentine’s Day around the world

We offer you a “Valentine’s Day world tour”, with images and surprising anecdotes on the different types of celebration of this festivity. Your journey will take you to Finland, Mexico, Ghana, Japan, and Spain, and you will even discover that some countries prohibit the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Theme 2: How much do you spend?

Are you wondering how much to spend on the gift or dinner you are going to give to your partner? We have collected statistics from many countries that will allow you to see how much money is usually spent per person. You’ll see, for example, that Americans are the most generous on February 14!

Theme 3: Valentine’s Day = flowers!?

The equation seems simple: Valentine’s Day equals a lot of flowers, right? It’s also clear to us and that’s why these themes focus on flower producing and importing countries in the world. As advice, if you like flowers, go to the Netherlands!