US Presidential Election Map

The U.S. presidential election on November 3 opposes Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden to current Republican President Donald Trump. The election is expected to be very tight. The polarization of the American society since the last presidential election, combined with the uncertain situation related to the covid19 pandemic, makes it very difficult to read the polls at the moment. CartoVista offers you a map with 3 main themes to help you analyze the challenges of the next few days.


The first theme uses an elaborate process to map the most recent polls in every state in the country. These themes will be updated every day, allowing you to closely study the developments and new power relationships in the campaign. You will be able to see which states are likely to be won easily or not by the two candidates and see which swing states could decide the outcome.

2016 Election

The second theme offers a cartographic reminder of the results of the last presidential election of 2016, which resulted in the victory of the Republican Party of Donald Trump against the Democrat Hillary Clinton.

US Electoral system

The third theme takes a closer look at the very particular American electoral system. The two maps show the states that have the most electors (thus the most weight in the election) but also the number of electors per million inhabitants. This last theme allows us to see that some territories have a greater weight than others. We also note the evolution of this system with several states that have gained or lost electors after the 2010 census, which perfectly illustrates the demographic evolution of the country.