US Democratic Primaries Map

The Democratic Primary is the process of choosing the Democratic Party’s nominee for the U.S. presidential election on November 3, 2020. There are 57 states and U.S. territories that will vote for delegates who will then vote at the Democratic Convention in Milwaukee between July 13 and 16, 2020 for the candidate designated in the primary. The goal for the candidates is to obtain an absolute majority of the number of national delegates, (1990 delegates out of the 3979 to be chosen). The process is quite complex, so CartoVista decided to publish a map to allow you to follow this important event in the politics of the United States.

Key dates

The key dates are as follows. On February 3, 2020, the first vote is held in Iowa, the opportunity for the favourites to launch (or not) a momentum that will be assessed again one week later in New Hampshire. Then comes the very important Super Tuesday, where 16 states vote, including California and Texas. On that day, nearly 1,358 delegates will be elected (more than a third).


This year, 50 states or territories will hold primaries, which are based on proportional representation. Another 7 jurisdictions will hold caucuses (a different process where county representatives will elect state representatives who will then choose the national delegates).
In the United States, when a voter registers to vote, he or she must identify as either a “Democrat” or “Republican. In closed primaries, only voters who identify as “Democrat” will be able to participate. In open primaries, all voters may cast ballots. Finally, the mixed Democrat primary accepts only Democrat and independent voters.


Bennet, Michael, 55, Senator from Colorado. Dropped out after the New Hampshire results.
Biden, Joseph, 77, former Vice President and former Senator from Delaware.
Bloomberg, Michael, 77, former New York City mayor and media millionaire. He is skipping February and will start with Super Tuesday on March 3rd.
Buttigieg, Pete, 38, former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, military veteran.
Delaney, John, 56, elected official of the House of Representatives (Maryland). Dropped out shortly before the Iowa caucus.
Gabbard, Tulsi, 38, elected to the House of Representatives (Hawaii), military veteran.
Klobuchar, Amy, 59, senator from Minnesota.
Patrick, Deval, 63, former governor of Massachusetts. Dropped out after the New Hampshire results.
Sanders, Bernie, 78, senator from Vermont, former elected official of the House of Representatives.
Steyer, Tom, 62, millionaire and activist (climate change).
Warren, Elizabeth, 70, Senator from Massachusetts.
Yang, Andrew, 45, former business and nonprofit executive. Dropped out after the New Hampshire results.


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