Here are the new features available in the CartoVista Viewer and Publisher 6.0. 

For more information, see Version 6.0 - Release Notes.

Search by Address with HERE

Geocoding Service

You can now use HERE geocoding services to activate the search bar and navigate directly to a specific location on the map using an address, place name or postal code. 

HERE License

A valid license must be paid to use this option in the CartoVista Viewer Configuration dialog of a map window.

New Isochrone/Isodistance Tool

A new tool allows you to create areas representing the locations that can be reached in a specific time (isochrone) or distance (isodistance) from a point on the map.

Transportation Mode, Traffic and Departure Time

The choice of transportation mode has an impact on the calculation, whether you are choosing a car, a truck or walking. The road traffic also has an impact if you specify a specific departure time. 

Multiple Isochrones/Isodistances

You can generate multiple zones at once by typing multiple periods of time or different distances, separated by commas. The tool allows you to represent these areas using a wide variety of color palettes.

Comparison of Different Scenarios

The option "Clear previous results" allows you to add multiple scenarios from different locations on the map.

Spatial Intersection

Make a deeper analysis using the spatial intersection tool. You will then get the list of all objects of a layer included in an isochrone or isodistance area.

HERE License

A valid license must be paid to use this option in the CartoVista Viewer Configuration dialog of a map window.

Redesign of the Thematic Analysis Creation Dialog​

The thematic analysis creation dialog has been simplified to display step-by-step options.

Step 1: Choose the layer.

Step 2: Choose the thematic data.

Step 3: Choose the data representation.

Image Carousel Available in the Information Panel

Display options

The display of ImageURL type data has been enhanced to display the images as a carousel in the information panel. You can also include images in the tooltip. 

Central Preview

When you click on an image, a preview is displayed in the center of the map and allows you to navigate through the images available.

Column Type

To set up these images, just add columns of data containing URLs and assign them the ImageURL column type.

Start-up Page on CartoVista Publisher

A start-up page has been implemented to facilitate the work of creating new maps and opening recent maps. On this page, you will find valuable information to explore the CartoVista Publisher, such as sample maps, links to videos and introductory tutorials.

New Geolocation Tool

Where are you?

A new option allows you to recenter the map to your current location. This option is available whether you access the map from a desktop or a mobile device. Note that this tool is not supported by all Web browsers, and the accuracy of geolocation varies for each browser.


A popup will ask your permission to know your location.

Geolocation Tool

You can enable this tool in the CartoVista Viewer Configuration dialog of a map window.

Server Layers Location

A new option allows you to easily update a server layer with another layer of the CartoVista Server. For example, you can update your map with a new data file, or use data hosted on another web portal.

Other Enhancements

  1. Added support for SpatialLite files.
  2. Improved design in responsive mode.
  3. New cumulative mode on selection tool.
  4. Support of the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) Web Map Services (WMS) Standards 1.3.0.
  5. New option to locate main folder for thematic data.
  6. Selection of a territory’s construction blocks in the Territory Manager module.