How to efficiently deploy your maps on the Web?

You have created your map and set all the options on your layers and your themes, the time has come to publish your map on the Web!

Local Publication

On the map top bar, click the Publish Options button.

In the dialog, enter the map title and the map identifier. Click Publish.

Your web browser window opens by loading the CartoVista Viewer and your map is now published locally.

By default, all the map files will be published in the following output folder: C:\Users\Public\Documents\CartoVista6\HTML\Map Identifier. The output folder contains all the files required to integrate the map to your own web server. You can access this folder directly by clicking on the Map Folder option of the Open HTML drop-down menu.

If you need to view the map again after closing the browser, just click the Open HTML button on the top bar.

Server Publication

If you are using the CartoVista Server, the Publish Options dialog allows you to publish directly to the portal. In the Type drop-down list, select CartoVista Server - Web Portal. Choose the Web Portal to which you have access.

Before publishing your map, click on the Edit Thumbnail option of the Publish Options drop-down menu.

In the Edit Thumbnail dialog, select a theme set, change the zoom level or pan the map. When you are ready, click Capture New Thumbnail.

When you click Publish, your Web browser will load the home page of your CartoVista Server.

You can then associate keywords, grant consultation or modification permission and add your map.

Promise held, publishing on the Web has never been easier than with CartoVista!