Summer Olympics Map

The Tokyo Olympic Games finished last week with the traditional closing ceremony. Despite the postponement of one year because of the current pandemic and the fact that the events did not welcome fans to support their champions, this sport festivity was total. These events are scheduled every four years. They include athletes from all over the world and are broadcasted all over the planet. That’s why CartoVista has decided to prepare a map to highlight this edition. It will be articulated around three main themes.


You will find here a reminder of the medals by country, by capita with different colour schemes and pie charts.

History of host cities

This theme, divided into five maps, shows the history of the host cities, with logos and hyperlinks to all the editions of the Olympic Games, starting with Athens in 1896 and going up to the events planned in Paris and Los Angeles. This one includes only the Summer Olympic Games, (the classic editions and the editions dedicated to the junior categories).

You will find information on the number of athletes, the evolution of disciplines and competitions through time and even the number of countries that have participated in these games.

History of the medals

Finally, the theme on the history of medals allows you to visualize on the map, thanks to pie charts and different colour ranges, which countries have received the most distinctions and whether these medals are gold, silver, or bronze.

We can’t wait for Paris 2024!!!


International Olympic Committee