Stop Bullying Map

In 2008, Gordon Campbell, then Premier of the Canadian province of British Columbia, decided that the last Wednesday of February would be “Anti-Bullying Day”. This measure will soon become federal and therefore in effect across Canada. This day, known as “Anti-Bullying Day”, but also as “Pink T-shirt Day”, in reference to the associations that help the victims, aims to raise awareness among children, as well as adults, in order to protect the most vulnerable from this plague that is unfortunately all too present in the world today.

CartoVista has decided to create a map against bullying to illustrate the importance of this issue around the world. In addition to the percentage of children who are victims of bullying, the map is divided into three main themes.

Bullying by gender

Bullying according to ethnic origins

Bullying by socio-economic background

We hope you find this information useful.