May the Fourth Be With You Map

With this map, CartoVista takes you to a galaxy far, far away and makes you travel in a spaceship with your favourite heroes of the Star Wars saga. This map is divided into two themes, and there is even a game inside it!

Box office results

In order to celebrate the day of these cult films, May the Fourth Be With You, CartoVista has prepared a map that focuses on the success of the latest Skylwalker saga and the two films Rogue One and Solo.

What a beautiful… galaxy!

Much more than just a map dedicated to the box-office results, the idea of CartoVista is to continue to make you travel despite the confinement that many of us are forced to live, on the model of the previous map on the UNESCO sites. That’s why the CartoVista team decided to map and represent with photos the mythical places where the saga was shot and to explain what these places were in the movies.

May the game be with you!

But that’s not all. CartoVista has also hidden 5 Easter eggs in this galactic background map created for the occasion. By zooming in on the entities, you will discover great icons and even more information about your favourite movies. Here are the clues to find these Easter eggs:
– Birthplace of the Mandalorian,
– One of the places where the Star Wars diversion is at its peak,
– Where the creator of Star Wars rests,
– One of the places that inspired the concept of “force” cherished by the Jedi order,
– The place where the phrase “May the Fourth Be With You” was first said.