CartoVista Business allows the Health and Social Services industries to analyze and comprehend their data.

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Health and social services are increasingly at the heart of global concerns. You are constantly looking for improvements and new ways to optimize your services. You collect vital data every day. This data hides a wealth of knowledge that when unlocked, will allow you to see a whole other level of insight. CartoVista Business offers a unique solution that will let you see the possibilities hidden in the data by connecting it to an interactive map. CartoVista Business will significantly improve the work of your strategists and analysts as well as making a big difference to your other stake holders and your front line staff: nurses and doctors.


How does CartoVista Business meet the needs of the health and social services industries?

Our Service Offers

Want CartoVista? Let us guide you in using our solution, tailored to the health and social services industries.


We do it for you.

We create and publish the maps for you. Products to use: CartoVista Viewer combined with Professional Services.


Publish your own data yourself.

Publish your maps yourself, with or without our help. Products to use: CartoVista Viewer, CartoVista Publisher combined with Professional Services.

Complete Freedom

Explore and create your own app.

Customize your maps and the interface while creating innovative, interactive applications. Products to use: CartoVista Viewer, CartoVista Publisher, CartoVista SDK and CartoVista Server.

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