Version 6.2.4



  1. WEBPORTAL-2077 – SUPPORT-530 – New action item to cancel clustering operation.
  2. WEBPORTAL-2457 – Territory Manager – Current user should be populated in <Modify> when creating a new scenario.


  1. CVV-2441 – Missing chart when switching from a themeset with 4 charts to another theme set with also 4 charts.
  2. CVV-3489 – Search not working on server layer when more than one column in searchAttributes. 
  3. CVV-3618 – Search panel doesn’t search on selected layer in dropdown after a theme set is changed. 
  4. CVV-3638 – Export button not visible when doing a selection on 2 different server layers. 
  5. CVV-3645 – Incorrect behavior on renderer when a map only has tile layers. 
  6. CVV-3647 – Print layout in publisher doesn’t work. 
  7. CVV-3669 – 6th graph not showing in Viewer even though it is showing in the theme configuration dialog of the publisher.
  8. WEBPORTAL-2460 – Territory Manager – Can’t create scenarios with groups in the permissions.
  9. WEBPORTAL-2488 – Restored sessions that contain a theme based on a column that is no longer in the datatable of the map prevent the map to load. 
  10. WEBPORTAL-2539 – Load balancing: Map on node B is not invalidated when updated thru node A. 
  11. WEBPORTAL-2553 – SUPPORT-514 – Username sometime appears in search title or other textfield of the portal. 
  12. WEBPORTAL-2564 – Join count not updated when excel data is updated. 
  13. WEBPORTAL-2566 – Error when trying to create a thematic on a Join excel document that does not match the source GIS feature count. 
  14. WEBPORTAL-2567 – Creating a thematic on a joined excel document that contains null generates an error. 
  15. WEBPORTAL-2568 – Creating a thematic on a joined excel document that contains mostly 0 values generates an error. 
  16. WEBPORTAL-2885 – SUPPORT-537 – Improve speed of active directory queries by adding caching. 
  17. WEBPORTAL-2945 – http requests coming from the viewer points to the old Url without the timestamp.



  1. CVP-5204 – Locate excel file as a map layer is not working.
  2. CVP-5294 – Use custom thumbnails and save it in the CVM. 
  3. CVP-5295 – ‘Publish’ and ‘publish options’ don’t publish to portal while the buttons ‘publish’ and ‘publish options’ work. 
  4. CVP-5302 – Inappropriate message on fail authentication when relocating a server layer.