Version 5.6.6

CartoVista Publisher 5.6.6

  1. Communication error in theme configuration, print configuration and thumbnail configuration dialog due to non-asynchronous data loading.

CartoVista Viewer 5.6.6

New Features
  1. Support two projections in a map.
  1. Improved performance of spatial index rebuilding on feature creation.
  2. Vector source now locked to not react on feature.geometryChanged.
  3. Added some check for empty ranges.
  4. Multiple fixes and improvements on flow themes.
Bug Fixes
  1. Changed async parameter to true to avoid problems with Chromium component in CVP.
  2. Heatmap not preserving the map distance.
  3. Drawing tools: selection of annotation does not work.
  4. Dot symbol concatenated in the URL when no Tile Cache fileExtension was specified.
  5. Empty data table when select data columns from two tables.
  6. Stroke image is not displayed properly in the legend on the default theme set.
  7. Spatial collection not being updated when changing coordinates of a feature loaded from a JSON loader (not created using SDK).
  8. Deleting data column did not delete data in dataRows.
Technical Notes (SDK)
  1. Error on calling layer.addStyle.