Version 5.5.0



  1. Scatter Charts with trend line.
  2. Print layout.
  3. Point clustering.
  4. Drawing tools.
  5. Drawings are saved when map is loaded from CartoVista Web Portal.
  6. Share map on LinkedIn.
  7. Enhanced theme sets:
    1. Charts are now saved in theme sets.
    2. Data query filters are now saved in theme sets.
    3. Active layer in data view is now saved in theme sets.
    4. Active search layer in search view is now saved in theme sets.
    5. Clustering state now saved in theme sets.
  8. User can now reorder individual values in the legend settings.
  9. New Spatial intersection tool to select on the map.
  10. Vector tiled server layer include vector point server clustering.


  1. Fixed a bug of rendering in chrome when layer had lots of coordinates.
  2. Fixed filter settings boxes misalignment in WET template.
  3. Fixed padding issue in legend.
  4. Fixed fill pattern mismatch between CartoVista Publisher and CartoVista Viewer.
  5. Layer property zoomOnFeatureScale now works.
  6. Simple selection now working with touch even in mobile mode.
  7. Fixed problem of image point style not displayed in info view.
  8. Fixed rendering line direction problem.
  9. Labels on point symbols with drop shadow are now displayed.
  10. In Internet Explorer, blend mode multiply effect (opacity 70%) is now consistently applied when theme set is changed.
  11. Overlapping features now rendered correctly when blend mode or transparency is applied.
  12. Jenks range calculation method now works for more than 10 ranges.
  13. Legend items containing French accented characters are now correctly alphabetically sorted.
  14. Fixed highlight in search view when text was containing a ‘dash’ character.
  15. Full screen button now displays a different icon when in full screen mode (to restore normal state).
  16. Chart now refreshing when filter is applied.
  17. Number of selected features now refreshing when filter is applied.
  18. Legend style counts now refreshing when data query filter is applied.
  19. Info view now opens when right panel is closed and an info tool click is done.
  20. Fixed problem of data grid too wide when lots of columns.
  21. Heat maps using a data column are now saved in the theme set.
  22. Fixed problem with no symbol on point style in Layer Control.
  23. Legend now properly handle ‘greater than’ and ‘lesser than’ characters.
  24. In theme set dropdown, selecting the same item now close the dropdown.
  25. Selection in the data view by drawing a rectangle with the mouse doesn’t draw a rectangle anymore.
  26. Fixed N/A appearing in max value of graduated column chart in legend settings.


  1. Improved performance of the initial loading of the application when lots of thematic data.
  2. New loading animation.
  3. Map exportation tool now export map in png.
  4. Improved WET template in Internet Explorer.
  5. Mobile version now has a ‘CartoVista About’ button.
  6. Improved TopBar layouting in responsive mode.
  7. Improve rendering performance of image points in Internet Explorer.
  8. Improved placement of the arrow appearing when opening the Add theme dialog.
  9. Improved heat map rendering.
  10. Improved point hit test area for rollover and selection.
  11. Improved rendering of small symbol point in info view.
  12. Improved rendering of selection highlight for polyline features.
  13. Reduced width of ruler tool line.
  14. Next and previous buttons in infoview are now gray and disable if beggining/end of list is reached.
  15. Improved overall performance when map rollover occurs and chart is active.
  16. In data view, gradient effect is not applied on rollover effect anymore.
  17. In data view, data grid now updates its height to the height of the panel.
  18. Panel buttons are now disabled if panel is disabled.
  19. When entering an opacity value, enter key is now handled properly.
  20. Removed layer drop down in the Selection View, it was always containing only one element.
  21. New ‘is null’ and ‘is not null’ data filter operators.
  22. Point symbols are now represented in the legend when there is only one style on the layer.
  23. Interactivity now enabled on points when a heat map is active.
  24. Color picker now available in legend setting for graduated size theme when no active color theme.
  25. Single click with circular or rectangular selection tool now works.


  1. KendoUI updated to version 2016.1.226.
  2. Added a parameter in html to turn off optimized view by default.
  3. Custom map tooltip via SDK.
  4. Improved navigation in SDK documentation.
  5. In HTML template, moved property ‘data-cv-baseUrl’ from map div to CartoVista div.
  6. Changed z-index of elements.
  7. Now possible to load a theme set defined in XML through the external interface.
  8. New roll over effect for polygon features allow to specify in configuration file the roll over fill color and roll over pattern.



  1. Fixed problem with Jenks
  2. Fixed bug when changing the color palette or range calculation method of a range theme on a server layer.



  1. Added new option for copying CartoVistaViewer.exe when publishing an HTML map. / Allows map to be displayed without deploying it on a server.
  2. User can now set the default simplification level.
  3. Default HTML Viewer template can now be set via Tools > Preferences > Map Window setting rather than using the XML of the template.
  4. Geocoding Tool now available.
  5. Packaged maps no longer put each source file in a separate directory.


  1. Data included in accessible tables is filtered using the filters applied to layers to only output subsets of the layer data.
  2. Tweaked extents of Paris tileset so it shows up in a new map without having to zoom in one level.
  3. Fixed an error which occurred when publishing Wet Template including a Special Character in the Map Title.
  4. Resolved W3C validation errors.
  5. Fixed issue with Mapinfo Raster Image having a wrong position compared to MapInfo.
  6. Fixed issued with configuration option to enable chart optimized view or not by default.
  7. Removed footer that duplicated header from the Accessible table output.