Version 5.1.3



1.     Rotation on point features now available.

2.     Filters can now be added to two different layers.

3.     Loading cursor visible when map is drawn.

4.     User can now set fill selection color and fill selection opacity.


1.     Improved support of the Microsoft Browser Edge.

2.     Improved data entry validation in size textfields.

3.     Improved Data View button positioning in mobile display.

4.     Improved legend representations for graduated size theme.

5.     Improved Add chart user interface to prevent user from creating a pie chart if more than one data column is selected and at least one of them has aggregationType set to NONE.

6.     Improved height of data view and add thematic dialog so rows are not cut anymore.

7.     Data View now uses the color of the overlay theme to colorize rows when it is not a color theme.

8.     Fixed loading issue in IE 9.

9.     Fixed page/div flash/reload when themeset dropdown was opened in IE 11.

10.   Fixed problems with filters that could not be deactiveated when they were not listed as column in the data view.

11.   Fixed problem with legend showing all features when no feature were filtered-in.

12.   Fixed problem when a second filter was added to a different layer.

13.   Fixed problem with long labels in info view cut at wrong places.

14.   Fixed problem with SDK not being able to set active panel by default.

15.   Fixed problem when setting pattern color on fill pattern theme by individual values. Color was applied only on the N/A individual value, not every values.

16.   Fixed problem when double clicking on pie charts to zoom on features.

17.   Added tooltip on data column header of Data View and Selection View.

18.   Removed hyperlink tool and google street view tool from ThemeConfiguration template. 

19.   Ruler, Area and Selection tools drawn overlay now follow map recenter and zoom actions

20.   Viewer not refreshed anymore when themeset dropdown is opened in IE 11

21.   Fixed problem with custom ranges being lost when range calculation method is not changed to the previous method.

22.   Fixed problem with legend setting button not visible with very long title.

23.   Improved speed of search view when lot of features in layer being searched.

24.   Changed measurement units when value below 1 for ruler and area measuring tools.



1.     Improved map rendering speed when CvCharts are active.

2.     Now unselect the themeset in CvThemeSetListTreeView when unapplying the activeThemeSet using sdk: map.activeThemeSet = null.

3.     CanvasMapRenderer now send RENDERING_STARTED and RENDERING_FINISHED events.



1.     New possibility to configure the map to show the count numbers in the thematics’ legend or not.



1.     Fix for crash in HTML Theme Config dialog when Flash Player is not installed

2.     Moving a data column from data table to another does not corrupt Themes anymore.

3.     Enabled capability to set a higher number than 999 for the default server layer maximum records.

4.     Fixed problem of missing precision on scales for TileCache Tile providers.

5.     Fixed problem of resolution values changing when Switching TileCache Zoom by resolution to Zoom by scale and back.

6.     Flash viewer configuration: new option to hide count of thematic.