Version 5.0.1


  1. Map labels do not overlap on point features anymore.
  2. Support for ESRI ArcGIS tiles.
  3. Support for TileCache tiles.
  4. All hyperlinks now open in new tabs.
  5. Search view now works on non-visible layer.
  6. Single click selection tool now works on points.
  7. Style classes order now the same in the layer control and in the legend
  8. Chart titles now saved when modified by user.
  9. Layer control can now be open if map contains only tile layers.
  10. Improved information view point feature representation (were cropped).
  11. Changing number of ranges now recomputes themes by ranges.
  12. Size of graduated symbol in legend now the same as on the map.
  13. Settings buttons can now be hidden in viewer configuration interface of the publisher.
  14. Zoom layering now working on tile layer.
  15. Selection view doesn’t become visible anymore when user hid it.
  16. Improved point placement in specific situations.
  17. Fixed styling issues in information view, about popup and chart view.
  18. Fixed styling issues when map is embed in an html web page other than the standard CartoVista html page.


  1. Inverted the order of the layer control to fit the order in the legend and Publisher.
  2. Style classes order now the same in the layer control and in the legend.
  3. Modified the print layout to scale both vector and raster (tile) layers and the legend.
  4. Fixed WMSLayer getInfo and subLayer visibility.



  1. Converting Tile & Server maps into HTML map windows now working.
  2. Opening a Raster referenced via a .TAB file that had spaces in the filename now possible.
  3. Opening large rasters as map sources now possible.
  4. Fixed several issues with Data Publishing.
  5. Occasional duplicate Themeset IDs in theme configuration dialog now handled.
  6. Connecting to a Database table that does not have any geometries now possible.
  7. Publisher not crashing anymore when saving or opening a CVM.
  8. Invalid images are added to the background or symbol image directory now handled.
  9. Editing a Tile Cache tile provider now possible.
  10. Possible to use certain characters in the viewer thematic legends.


  1. Updates to License Manager & Evaluation start up:
    • License manager dialog no longer shown on startup in evaluation mode.
    • Simple dialog box to alert user to the number of days left on startup in evalutation mode.
    • Licence Manager’s “Extend Trial” tab is now only visible after the evaluation period has expired, and before any license is ever activated.
  2. HTML pages served by the Publisher’s internal server instructs browsers not to cache.
  3. Updates to prevent GDAL/OGR conflicts with other programs that may also use GDAL/OGR.
  4. During Tile Generation, improved time formatting in progress dialog.
  5. Improvements to Portal management user interface.
  6. During publishing of an HTML Map, Console Window no longer showing when creating font in WOFF format.
  7. Removed stand alone Data Publisher. Also removed conversion to data view from map window.
  8. Data Publisher data output XML has changed encoding to UTF8 from 28591.
  9. Added a checkbox in the Program Preferences > Map Window Section to disable drawing WMS layers in the Map Window.
  10. Thematic data for an indicator table that doesn’t include geometries inside the map now has the data table cleared, rather than publishing all available data.
  11. Tile provider terms of use updated to HTTPS for default tile providers.
  12. Improved speed of accessing Excel data in Data Publisher.
  13. New HTML maps now have both French and English as their default language (not just English).
  14. Changed font in About Dialog to prevent error when computer does not have the previously used font installed.